Clean self-disciplined

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To remember Comrade Dai Yunhua, the Party branch secretary of the thirteen Bureau

There is a group of people in the Urban Construction Bureau thirteen, their advanced thinking, work actively, everywhere play an exemplary vanguard role, convey positive energy; they know the overall situation, strengthen self-discipline, strong quality, image, and consciously safeguard the interests of the party and a large Council Party branch members of their interests; the bureau is thirteen. Saying: "good team must have a good leader, Dai Yunhua is the team leader, he led the team, hold aloft the banner of innovation and shouldering responsibility of enterprises, and strive to open up, forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of reform and Development Bureau thirteen!


Strict with oneself

For several decades, comrade Dai Yunhua, with a high level of political consciousness, strengthened party spirit and party spirit. He strictly abide by the rules and duties of the party constitution and abide by the discipline of the party. He loved learning, armed his brain with unremitting knowledge, resolutely carried out the party constitution, and better used the party constitution to standardize his behavior. He has repeatedly stated that as a member of the party, he must strictly request himself from all aspects of thought, study, work, discipline and style.

In his work, Dai Yunhua always adhered to the reality and respected the objective laws, so that the development concept, development strategy and work practice were truly built on the basis of Scientific Outlook on Development. Over the years, he always adhere to the "work first" principle, treat the work seriously, and constantly update their concepts, improve working methods, work diligently and conscientiously, to lead the Party branch of the party members and cadres to seriously study the implementation of the important thought of the party, and actively implement the work of the deployment group. Under his guidance, the ideological quality of the thirteen party members has been improved. The creativity, cohesiveness and fighting effectiveness of the party organization have been further enhanced.

In order to make the party members' learning activities lively and educational, Dai Yunhua began to try to sort out the boring learning documents into PPT. For those who have never been in contact with these advanced office software. Make a complete, vivid PPT is not easy, he read the exercises, work overtime, burning the midnight oil, will continue to improve the content, strive for excellence, Dai Yunhua in the standardization construction of Party branch, undertake mobilization, organization, propaganda and education of Party cadres duty. He also paid attention to the ideological communication with the comrades of the company, and encouraged the advanced young people to join the party actively and enrich the party members.

Comrade Dai Yunhua always put the masses in mind. Every year in June and July, the most intense summer heat was unbearable. When he was not afraid of the heat, he personally led party members' group to the first-line workers in various projects in Taizhou every year. The workers always praise: "a secretary is not only the leader, is our intimate friend".

In addition to the work of party affairs, comrade Dai Yunhua is in charge of legal work. We all know that the knowledge of legal theory is broad and profound, which is indeed a challenge for non legal professionals. But Comrade Dai Yunhua is not afraid of difficulties. In order to do well in forensic work, dozens of people have been holding thick law books every day, learning from dictionary and data, drawing lessons from related cases. Many littles make a mickle. depending on the usual accumulation, Many a little make a mickle., and he related to the legal points clear in mind, and cooperate with the Ministry of justice colleagues, improve the relevant system of the company.

Be honest in performing one's official duties

"Life" is the name of the Secretary Dai Yunhua WeChat, he said: "as a party, we should we should set up the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, and faith from the heart. The root is deep, the wind can not be pulled out; the heart is right, the evil can not break. In everyday life, Dai Yunhua has been modest and low key, and has always maintained a simple style. At work, he has always strengthened his consciousness of integrity and demanded to be conscious, politically unswerving and work. In his bookcase, the book "disciplinary regulations" and "Regulations on party conduct and clean government" have been placed in a striking position, and books are becoming more and more impressive throughout the years. The party in the learning process, he often used the case of warning education, hope to grasp the right direction in life, always remain sober minded, to do an honest good party.

Comrade Dai Yunhua often emphasized in Party meetings that party members should always be strict with themselves, and truly strengthen their sense of "public servant" from heart to serve the people wholeheartedly, and build a clean and self disciplined defensive line from the basic ideology. He asked every party members to firmly establish the socialist concept of honor and disgrace eight honors and Eight Disgraces "concept, abide by the norms of socialist morality; to set an example, take a good image of Party members to unite and lead the cadres and workers of hard work, innovation, better play an exemplary role of Party branch of the political core, fortresses and members and provide a strong organizational guarantee and spiritual power for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the thirteen bureau.