To carry out the three strict three special education program on leading cadres at and above the county level.

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Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "on the leading cadres at and above the county level to carry out the three strict three special education program", make arrangements to carry out the three strict three special education in 2015 leading cadres at and above the county level. To see such a long file name dizzy, but don't be afraid, here I come to you about science.

When was it born?

During the 2014 national "NPC and CPPCC", general secretary Xi Jinping in the Anhui delegation (March 9, 2014 afternoon), specifically on strengthening style building made an important speech, proposed the three three real strict requirements.

What is specific?

Strict to self, is to strengthen the party spirit, ideals and faith, to enhance the moral realm, the pursuit of noble character, consciously away from the vulgar, consciously resist unhealthy tendencies.

Strict right to use, is to stick with the right people, according to the rules, the exercise of power by the system, the power system into the cage, no time to engage in privilege, not abuse of power.

Yanyilvji: that is to be in awe, holding a ruler, cautious Shenwei, diligent self-examination, to comply with Party discipline, do clean government.

Look for a job to be real: that is to proceed from reality in career planning and work to make ideas, policies and programs in line with the actual situation, in line with the objective law, in line with the spirit of science, not ambitious, is not divorced from reality.

Entrepreneurship is real: we must be down-to-earth, do solid work, dare to shoulder responsibilities, be brave in facing conflicts, be good at solving problems, and strive to create achievements that are able to stand up to practice, people and history.

Man to reality: is to the party, the organization, the people, honest and faithful comrade, do honest people, honest, honest, open-minded, fair and honest.

Who is the object?

Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres at all levels.

How is the external relationship?

Three strict three special education is the party's mass line educational practice to deepen the extension, is an important measure to strengthen the party's ideological and political construction and style construction.

When will it be carried out?

From the beginning of the end of April 2015.

Where is it carried out?

In the party and government organs at all levels, the people's organizations and their internal institutions, the leading cadres and institutions above and above the middle level above the middle level of the state-owned enterprises are carried out.

What is the above rate?

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee take the lead to carry out the three strict three special education. The National People's Congress Standing Committee and the State Council, the National Committee of the CPPCC party party with their actual carry out three strict three special education.

Meanwhile, provincial and ministerial leaders, municipal and county Party and government leading members, especially the leading comrades in charge of Party and government, organs, enterprises and institutions, and the leading cadres and managerial personnel at the county level and above, put forward requirements.

With the three three real strict "no" "cannot solve"

Xinhua news agency, Beijing in April 19, recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "to carry out the three strict three special education program on leading cadres at and above the county level" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to carry out the three strict three 2015 leading cadres at and above the county level in special education arrangements.

General Secretary Xi Zhi "is really" has been raging like a storm, on the road "," above the county level ", this is clearly a requirement of" official ", to master the relatively large power of the people, reflects the firm determination, a new generation of collective leadership from Yan Zhili to guide, to continue to force, never stop never slacken.

This is the extension of the practice of the party's mass line education, and it is another new requirement for the party's Central Committee to build the style of leading cadres at all levels. The source, from last year, the general secretary Xi Jinping NPC and CPPCC group to participate in the deliberations, the Anhui delegation mentioned both strict to slim, strict right to exercise self-discipline, important discuss and look for a job to implement entrepreneurship to real, to be real, "said in a speech to the three three real strict. Now, this important speech is concretely implemented in the way of thematic education, and strives to accumulate valuable experience for the party building undertakings under the new situation.

If, before the style of remediation a few tricks, emphasis is directed to the phenomenon of behavior, the dawning of corruption, lax, not as a behavior phenomenon of thrash discipline, this three strict three special education, can be understood as a concept is binding on the roots, which effectively solves the problem of "dare" the problem of the latter is to solve the "to" "not" problem, it makes those prior to the formalism to cope with, also have some bad official privilege thought nostalgia fantasy, never thought, difficult. To persevere, tackling the problem, from the nature of the system and mechanism of trap, it will be to strengthen leading group construction, improve the quality of leading cadres, and comprehensively promote the great project of Party building.

This special education is aimed at the "power game" and strong implantation "the rules of the game", the effect of rules to implement the "loyalty to the party, people clean, dare to play, let the official political environment to promote leadership at all levels take on an altogether new aspect, and leading cadres appeared significant change," in the end for the party the public and governing for the people ".

Three strict three special education is not an activity, regardless of the batch, not the insweep, no link, because it is simple and lasting on the basic requirements of officials, is the profound innovation of party spirit and education under the new situation, it always need to learn, every minute, things need to implement to implement the main beam part of the administrative structure, need to depend on the stability of building solid, Jiangshan, from the depths of the ideological concept of ruling, binding reflected the pursuit of lofty value of the Communist Party.

Three is the subjective consciousness, and you have reflected in three, in effect, only three, only three, and the former is the premise of the latter, is real, era of rod rod's scales, scales, flicker performance, abuse of power, do not play anymore.