Specific content of Party building work at the grass-roots level

2017-12-03 20:14:10 wyh 6

1., we should focus on the work of the grass-roots party organizations, unite the masses and work together, adhere to the core and core position of the party organizations at the grass-roots level, and fulfill the responsibilities and tasks of the grass-roots party organizations in accordance with the provisions of the Communist Party of China. Clear the grass-roots party organizations and economic and social development and people's interests under the condition of socialist market economy and the combination of the focal point, through contact with the masses, publicize and organize the masses and serve the masses, guide and inspire people's enthusiasm and creativity, solidarity and lead the people to work together to promote economic and social development, and jointly create a the life of harmony and happiness.

2. consolidate and develop the common ideological basis for the unity and struggle of the masses of Party members, and insist on armed party members and educating the masses with Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Representatives". We should publicize and implement the party's line and policy and national law. The construction embodies the requirements of the advanced socialist culture and inherits the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, which is in line with the actual organizational culture and moral standards of the industry and the unit.

3. mobilize the party members and the masses to promote economic and social development, and adhere to the development of various undertakings of the social grass-roots organizations with Scientific Outlook on Development. To determine the development goals and ideas in line with the common interests of the masses, promote the economic, cultural, administrative, social and other management system reform, create a favorable environment for the development of labor, stimulate the production of knowledge, technology and capital to create vitality, maintain social stability and social harmony, improve the cadres and the masses of scientific and cultural quality and occupation skills. Play the exemplary role of Party members, the party's advanced nature of Party organizations, the cohesion and creativity become to unite and lead the people in the construction of socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization and build a harmonious society of power.

4., leaders support the masses in accordance with the law and become masters of the law. In accordance with the requirements of "strengthening the leadership of the party, supporting the people's masters and managing the country according to law", we should conscientiously strengthen the leadership of the party organizations to the grass-roots democracy and actively push forward the construction of democracy at the grass-roots level. We should improve the autonomy system of urban and rural residents, give full play to the functions of the representatives of the residents' Congress and the villagers' representatives' committees, so as to ensure that the masses carry out democratic elections, democratic decisions, democratic management and democratic supervision according to law. Improve the system of democratic administration, enterprises play Congress, schools will etc. the role of the organization. Perfect party, government affairs, and village affairs, public service facility in the system, take publicity, debriefing, hearing, appraisal and other forms of participation and supervision of grassroots organizations of social work and affairs organization of the masses.

5., we should serve the masses as the starting point of our basic tasks and work. We must adhere to the "higher level party organizations serving for the lower level party organizations, the party organizations serving the party members, and the party organizations and Party members serving the masses." To lead or guide the grass-roots organizations of the economy, administration and residents to implement public policies and public services involving the interests of the masses. The legal rights and interests of citizens in the fields of property, employment, distribution, education, labor security, social security and medical security are maintained in accordance with the law. We should earnestly strengthen the service of mass production, work, study and life. Through the service of the people to gather the people, the masses, the masses of education and the organization of the masses are organically combined.