The main points of Party building work in 2014

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2014 is the implementation of the party's spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the first year of comprehensive deepening of reform, but also the implementation of "a crucial year in 12th Five-Year" plan, the municipal immigration party will be in accordance with the municipal Party committee, municipal authorities working arrangements, closely combined with the actual work bureau, a solid grasp of the work of Party building.

First. General requirements

Adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the four plenary session of the four session of the party's eighteen, the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the four plenary session of the eleven session of the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee, closely around the overall tone while maintaining stability, speed up transformation and fast ", to build a service-oriented party the organization as the starting point, organize the implementation of the" key "project, to further promote the" four type "party organization construction, the construction of outstanding Service Center, the two task team, carry out the" five out "deep in the spirit of reform and innovation, further emancipate the mind, clarify ideas, change the style, identify the problem, clear goals, focus on strengthening the ideological and style, organization, institution building and anti-corruption, and comprehensively improve the scientific level of Party building, to achieve economic and social sciences of Zunyi It will provide strong political power and ideological organization guarantee for the development of development and post - development.

Two. Main contents

(1) to strengthen the ideological and political construction of the party's party and to further study and carry out the spirit of the party's eighteen major and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee years.

1. strengthen the education of ideal and belief. Seriously study and implementation of the party's eighteen, the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee provincial Party committee, eleven session of the four plenary session of the party spirit and the four session of the four plenary session, guide Party members and cadres to establish Marx's world outlook, outlook on life and values, firm road confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, the correct treatment to adjust the pattern of interests in the reform. Consciously join in the reform, support reform, the courage to reform.

2. promote the construction of the learning party organization. Innovating forms, enriching content and regulating system, constantly improve the overall quality of Party members and cadres. To earnestly carry out the "colorful lectures", to further improve and perfect the Party Central study group as a leader, the Party branch and individual self learning to focus on the combination of learning and education pattern. Every member of the organ should participate in the activities of centralized learning and education for a total time of no less than 12 days. The reading time is no less than 7 hours per week, and the amount of reading is not less than 60 words per year (or 3 Books). We should continue to carry out the activities of the "Book fragrance agency", and actively organize the staff and staff members to participate in the competition activities of "100 word recommendation Book true words and micro feelings".

3. strengthening Party building and propaganda work. We should make full use of the effective carrier of the public column of the party affairs and the website of the municipal Immigration Bureau, so as to summarize and publicize the good experience and good practice of the party building work in time.

(two) deepening the establishment of the service type party organization and promoting the construction of the "four type" party organization

1. closely around the service center, the construction team of two major tasks, carefully organize the implementation of the "key" project. In order to change the organization style, improve work efficiency, do the work of the masses, promote leapfrog development as the focus, deepen the "four type" construction of Party organization, the party organization learning atmosphere more strong, service innovation ability, a higher level of development, greater thrust, and comprehensively improve the scientific level of Party building.

2. to strengthen the organizational construction, position construction, team construction, system construction and funds guarantee of the party, and to further enhance the level of service capacity of the party organization. Further efforts should be made to establish the work of the "service type" party organization demonstration point.

3. to implement the responsibility system of Party building work. We should further improve the Party committee's efforts to conscientiously grasp the relevant systems of Party building and secretaries, take the lead in grasping the responsibility system of Party building and implement the specific responsibilities of Party branches, and innovate the form of "three sessions and one lesson". The annual office party held a special meeting to study the work of Party building shall not be less than 2 times a year, Party Secretary of the bureau gave lectures or reports on the situation of not less than 1 times. To establish a branch secretary to perform the personal files of the duties of the party's construction work, and to collect, record and reflect the performance of his duties.

4. strengthen the education and training of the party members. We should actively organize branch secretaries, Party cadres and ordinary Party members below the level level to participate in the party building theory, clean politics, situation policy and party knowledge training organized by municipal authorities.

5. strictly the development and management of Party members. We must conscientiously implement the Central Committee's requirements for strengthening the development and management of Party members in the new situation, and strictly develop the working procedures and standards of Party members. This year, we mainly do preparatory party members' education and inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the construction of the party's purity, the education management of the "three non" party members should be strengthened and the unqualified party members are disposed of by rules and regulations in time.

6. conscientiously do a good job of the expiry work of the party organization to ensure the continuous work of the party construction work and not to be disjointed.

7. to push forward the public affairs of the party. According to the principle of "serving the whole situation, promoting development, adjusting measures to local conditions, focusing on effectiveness, scientifically and highlighting priorities", we must conscientiously implement the publicity of party affairs and improve the open position of party affairs, so that party members can enjoy more right to know, participate, express and supervise. Establish and improve the major decisions, important work arrangements for Party members' opinion mechanism, normative branch will report regularly to members of the general assembly and the Democratic Party appraisal work work system.

8. continue to carry out the innovation project of Party building. According to ""Zunyi city building innovation project management measures" requirements, to carry out innovative methods and means of party work, promote the reform and innovation of organization of party affairs, stimulate the vitality of the party building work, improve the ability and level of practical work. 9. continue to implement the "double Jin" working mechanism. Conscientiously sum up and popularize the experience, improve the method of "double Shanxi" way to make it more practical, more real stick organs, leading the global effect, Party cadres with a good mental state chuangxianzhengyou.

(three) changing the style of the organization and enriching the connotation of the construction of the "four type" organs

1. to carry out the party's practice of mass line education. In accordance with the general requirements of the party's mass line educational practice on the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure treatment, uniform deployment of the municipal Party committee, Party cadres with actual authority, strengthen organizational leadership, carefully developed program of work, conscientiously implement the "learning education, listen, revealing problems, criticism and the implementation of the rectification, establish a new system of three links, do the provisions of the action without aliasing, freestyle highlights, strict implementation of the provisions of the twelve provisions of the ten provisions of the central eight provincial and municipal Party committee and against the four winds out of six non related requirements, the establishment of long-term mechanism of the party's mass line educational practice activity.

2. do a good job in "thousand branch pair" and "thousands of cadres who work". In accordance with the municipal Party committee, municipal organs and other relevant departments of the unified arrangements, and carry out the "well-off village", "four in the farm", "four groups of four to promote", "family planning" three combination ", and marry the work of helping the grassroots and the masses, to help the masses to solve practical difficulties.

(four) strengthen the construction of the spiritual civilization of the organs and create a good atmosphere for changing the style of the organs

1. continue to strengthen the construction of the spiritual civilization of the organs. We should thoroughly implement the implementation outline of civic virtues, push forward the related work of the "moral lecture hall" of the Bureau, do a good job of the "65" law popularization work, and continue to conscientiously carry out the mass patriotic health work and the organization's smoke-free work. 2. to strengthen the cultural construction of the organs and to enrich the cultural life of the organs. In order to enhance the physical quality of the staff and staff of the organs and staff, we should carefully organize and carry out all kinds of healthy and upward style activities. The active organizations participated in the hiking and hiking activities organized by the municipal government work committee and the municipal broadcasting and Television Bureau.

(five) to further promote the construction of a clean and honest party, and maintain the purity requirements of the party's party

1. to study and implement the party's eighteen, the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee as the main line, conscientiously implement the spirit of the central, provincial and Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, efforts to adapt to the new situation and new tasks, to expand the educational form, mining education resources, to play the role of warning education, strengthen party discipline regulations and the concept of law-abiding consciousness, improve the ability to resist corruption.

2. according to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and discipline work requirements, continue to carry out various forms of clean culture into organ activities, and actively participate in the municipal authorities held the Party cadres report "and opposition party and government austerity waste regulations" knowledge contest; earnestly carry out "clean politics" as the theme of the reading activities.

3. pay attention to the warning education activities with carrier. Staff and staff members visited the warning education base, and organized a clean government and warning education film, such as "clean government China". Throughout the year, we focused on clean government and warning education films more than 1 times.

(six) conscientiously grasp the work of the trade union and build a harmonious organization culture

1. to strengthen the leadership of the organization of the organization of trade unions and to guide the trade unions to fully play the role of bridge ties.

2. the union cadres of the active organization organizations take part in the training classes held by the Municipal Office of the municipal government work committee to improve the working level of the trade unions and the ability of the staff and workers. In order to carry out the cultural and sports activities as a carrier, the cohesiveness of the organization party organization is further strengthened.