Jiangsu carry out special action for safety production inspection and rectification of building system

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In June 16th, the provincial housing and urban construction department organized the construction of the system to carry out safety inspection and rectification special action teleconference implement the important instructions of the central authorities on production safety work of the spirit and the provincial government to carry out the five special action work requirements. Xu Xuejun, deputy director of the hall, attended the main meeting of Nanjing, which was chaired by Cheng Jigui, deputy director of the provincial construction and Management Bureau.

"On the construction in the province (including rail), circular" construction dust and city gas safety inspection and rectification of the special action to clear the "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict law enforcement, pragmatic as the general requirements, in June this year to mid September, in the province to carry out construction (including rail traffic), construction dust and gas industry special safety inspection corrective action, eliminate safety major construction risks, to prevent serious accidents, for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will be held successfully, for the reform and development of the province and the people live and work in peace to create a good security environment. The scope of the inspection includes the building of the whole province, the municipal infrastructure, the rail transit and the city gas. For this purpose, the provincial housing and urban construction department has set up a leading group for provincial construction (including rail transit), building dust and gas industry safety production inspection and rectification. Director Zhou Lan renzuchang, Xu Xuejun served as deputy head of department, members of the unit responsible person in charge of any member.

In his speech, Xu Xuejun stressed that the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games was another major Olympic event in China after the Beijing Olympic Games. The Youth Olympic Games successfully held successfully in relation to China's international image, so take this special action with a strong political consciousness, to fully understand the current situation of the construction safety management of construction safety and gas facilities and the situation facing the focus, pay close attention to the hazard remediation, earnestly carry out the special action. Xu Xuejun asked the construction system to quickly carry out the field of building construction safety inspection corrective action; immediately organize gas production safety investigation and remediation actions; deepening the construction dust concentration and control "hundred days" action; solid job and high temperature season rain flood safety work. At the same time, we should strengthen the implementation of the responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of this special action.

The construction safety supervision station owners Shi Jianmin pointed out in his speech, the safety supervision of production safety supervision mechanism is the first, the solid work will directly affect the province's construction production safety situation, therefore, safety supervision agencies at all levels should attach great importance to this special action, with a strong sense of political responsibility, deepening enterprise security principal responsibility will be the implementation of security responsibilities to every construction enterprise, the project department and individual building safety inspection organization comprehensive rectification special action to ensure that during the Youth Olympic Games in the province's construction safety situation remained stable.

Nanjing, Wuxi, Huaian, Shuyang and other municipal (county) housing and urban rural construction committees (bureaus) are the main leaders and leaders in charge, and the leading comrades in the relevant departments participated in the conference.


A special action plan for the safety production inspection and rectification of the conference


Deputy director Xu Xuejun's request for work


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