Suggestions on the overall promotion of the parallel operation of public rental housing and low rent housing

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The municipal, county (city, district) Construction Bureau (real estate bureau), the Finance Bureau and the development and Reform Commission:

In order to further improve the housing security system, improve and standardize the construction and management of affordable rental housing, according to the "reform of urban and rural construction ministry of national development and Housing Commission on public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation notice" (build and 2013 No. 178) requirements, combined with the public rental housing and low rent i province rent housing merger pilot experience, decided in the context to promote public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation, after the merger referred to as public rental housing, we will promote the merged operation implementation opinions are put forward as follows:

First, fully understand the important significance of parallel operation

Public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation is a national system, improve housing security system, effective measures to improve the efficiency of resource allocation of housing security, housing security is an effective way to improve public services, safeguard social fairness and justice is the specific initiatives, but also an important content of deepening the reform of housing security. The implementation of public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation, to integrate and co-ordinate the scientific use of housing resources, help to accelerate the establishment of scientific and reasonable and orderly access to exit mechanism, is conducive to better meet the actual demand for housing housing difficulties groups, also helps to speed up the implementation of housing security objectives. All localities should attach great importance to it, strengthen the implementation of the organization, and ensure that the requirements are in place.

Two, unify the raising of the house and carry out all the supporting policies

The annual construction plan of low rent housing, determined by the housing security plan of 12th Five-Year, should be integrated into the public rental housing construction plan. The low rent housing projects under construction are unified into public rental housing after completion, and the low rent housing sources that have not been allocated have been built into public rental housing management. In the collection of public rental housing, we should make full use of market mechanism, pay attention to play the role of social capital, and raise funds through new ways, such as new construction, renovation, purchase and long-term lease. It is encouraged to raise public rental housing by means of storage (long-term lease) and the acquisition of idle housing in the society.

We should strengthen the investigation and Research on the demand for housing security and further optimize the layout of the public rental housing. Raise public rental housing should be based on local population structure and family security protection needs, scientific and rational planning and design, site layout, and strive to achieve affordable housing supply and demand guarantee mutual docking, improve housing security efficiency and effect of public resources. Public rental housing should provide a simple, environmentally friendly basic decoration with the conditions of occupancy.

The local government for the construction of low rent housing funding sources, such as land net income of not less than 10% according to the extraction of funds for building low-cost housing, low rent extraction of housing provident fund value-added benefits of rental housing funds, budget, adjusted for government investment in public rental housing (including in the construction of low rent housing) for the original construction; rental subsidy funds, to continue to subsidize the market rental housing security object.

Public rental housing for investment and construction by local governments and construction land are allocated or transferred by administrative land. The construction of public rental housing is exempted from administrative and governmental funds. The tax reduction and exemption policy for construction and operation is implemented according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation.

Three. Unify the level of rent and implement graded subsidy

Since January 2014, the newly allocated public rental housing invested by the city and county governments in the construction and operation management should be rents in accordance with the way of rent collection and subsidy distribution. The rent standard is determined by the local price department in accordance with the housing security department in accordance with the rent level of the housing market in the same area, the same quality and the same type of housing market. After the rent is guaranteed, the local housing guarantee department should give different rent subsidies according to the different types of guarantee groups and the difficulty level. The specific rent subsidy standard is determined by the local government. The implementation of the "two line of revenue and expenditure" management of rent income is specially used to repay the public rental housing construction loan interest and interest of government investment, as well as rent subsidies, property management, maintenance, facilities renewal and so on.

The public rental housing and low rent housing that have been allocated before the implementation of the implementation plan can be rented after the expiration of the original lease contract. We should shorten the time between rent collection and subsidy payment, or directly give rent relief to those who are less able to pay rent and live harder.

Four, unified allocation of management, to ensure access to the orderly exit

All localities should integrate the public rental housing and the original low rent housing guarantee objects into the scope of public rental housing guarantee, reasonably determine the access standards, and adjust them regularly and publish them in a timely manner. The application and audit of public rental housing apply for unified acceptance and linkage review, and the "three trial and two public signs" are carried out according to the regulations. After ensuring the confirmation of the object qualification, all localities should implement classified waiting distribution according to the different guarantee groups, and the specific waiting time and time limit shall be determined by the city and county governments and released to the public. We should give priority to the urban low-income families, families with low income and special difficult families, such as orphans, old, sick, disabled and so on, and the people who are in urgent need of assistance.

The housing security department of the city and county should implement the annual audit system and the daily inspection system with the Civil Affairs Department on the housing and income of the insured. If the income of the lessee is changed but still meets the requirements of entry, the corresponding rent subsidy level should be adjusted in time. If the income is no longer in line with the access conditions, the public rental housing that is tenant should be leased or the rent subsidy will be stopped.

Five, strengthen the management of public rental housing for the construction of social investment

City and county housing security departments should strengthen the guidance and supervision and management of public rental housing construction, distribution and operation in social investment, and integrate them into local affordable housing resources to implement integrated management. For the construction of public rental housing for social investment, the land for construction of public rental housing may be paid by leasing, leasing or paying the price. All localities should continue to support the development zones, industrial parks, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other organizations to invest in the construction of public rental housing, give priority to solve the housing problem in this area or the units of the new employment and migrant workers, the remaining houses, by the county housing security department can adjust the supply of the region with other housing security the object of the rental conditions. The housing property unit can collect rent according to the standard below the market rent level, and the housing security department can provide appropriate subsidies to the lessee objects that meet the prescribed conditions according to the regulations.

Six, strengthen the organization and leadership, steadily push forward the parallel operation

The parallel operation of public rental housing and low rent housing is an important task for the housing security of the province in 2014. All localities should attach great importance to and will run the merger work included in the annual work content of the local housing security, elaborate organization, careful deployment; according to the opinions, combined with local conditions, formulate specific implementation details, comprehensive implementation; should strengthen propaganda, to create a good atmosphere and environment for the operation of the merger work, and make policy system housing, application, review, distribution, adjustment and rent subsidies paid to information disclosure, accept the supervision of the people and the media.

The relevant situation in the implementation of the parallel operation in various places, and the housing and urban and Rural Construction Department of the times and the provinces.

Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing and urban and rural construction, Jiangsu provincial finance department

Jiangsu provincial development and Reform Commission

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