The center for science and technology development of the hall actively aims to build a demonstration base of roof greening

2017-12-03 21:12:10 wyh 1

Roof greening is in buildings, structures and other roofs, terrace, balcony to make garden, planting trees, flowers and other plants. Setting up bonsai is the most familiar, oldest, most common and simplest form of roof greening. The roof greening can beautify the roof landscape, improve the ambient air quality, improve the insulation performance of the roof, and improve the quality of the building. Since 2012, hall science and technology development center has included the roof greening in the province's green building, and promoted the catalogue of appropriate technologies. It has been introduced in the public green technology guide for green building published in Jiangsu. Recently, the office technology development center has built the demonstration base on the roof of the existing office building. The entity displays the technical achievements of the roof greening, publicizing, guiding and promoting the roof greening in the province.

The roof greening has been in the history of thousands of years. Until 1960, it was valued by the government in the European urban renewal plan, and became an industry with rapid development. At the beginning of this century, China's Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places almost promoted the roof greening work in the same period with the US, but the latter has been far ahead of China in terms of scale or technology level. In 2013, with the announcement of the green building action plan issued by the State Council, and the world roof greening conference successfully held in Nanjing in September 16th of that year, many local governments introduced new policies to support the new world, and once again set off a wave of accelerating the roof greening in China.

Roof greening is not a simple reproduction of outdoor ground greening. The demonstration base of roof greening was set up by the center for scientific and technological development of the hall for more than 1000 square meters, which integrates technical display, fruit and vegetable planting and fitness and leisure functions. The research shows that the roof load, the water storage and the resistance to heat are the key points of the roof greening design. The demonstration base will be illustrated in the corresponding parts of the technologies including storage and drainage, plant pads, drip irrigation, waterproof and energy saving, rainwater collection and reuse, solar energy utilization and so on. We will publicize and popularize new technologies, new materials, new products and new achievements of roof greening in an image and concrete manner. In addition, in the demonstration base on the reasonable layout of vegetable planting area, simple fitness equipment block, enrich the staff of life, cultivate librarians information.

The day before, the demonstration base has been approved by the higher authorities, is in accordance with the management of the construction process requirements for the design and construction, is expected to be completed in the year of delivery. According to the document of the provincial housing and urban construction department, the technical specification for building three-dimensional greening has been included in the 2014 Jiangsu provincial engineering construction standard plan. The standard will fully absorb the scientific research results of the demonstration base.