Provincial Department of housing and urban construction opinions on crack down on construction project bid rigging and subcontracting subcontracting behavior

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The construction bureaus of the provincial cities, the Taizhou Municipal Construction Bureau, the Suzhou industrial park planning and Construction Bureau, the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Planning and Construction Bureau, Kunshan, Taixing and Shuyang County construction bureaus:

In April 2009, the Provincial Department of Construction issued the "opinions on Further Strengthening the supervision and management of the construction market" (Su building 2009 No. 112), to guide the country thoroughly rectifying and standardizing the order of the construction market, the construction of commercial bribery governance system, clearing arrears works, and the wages of migrant workers work, and achieved positive results. With the continuous development of market economy, some new situations and new problems in the field of construction are also emerging, rigging, colluding, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting phenomenon, disrupting the order of the construction market, the impact of the project quality and investment efficiency. The bidding for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of parties, we will further strengthen the supervision and management of the construction market, to combat illegal bidding, illegal subcontracting, subcontracting, and create a fair and harmonious market environment, put forward the following opinions, please follow.

First, the full implementation of the electronic bidding and information technology. In 2014, the bidding for housing construction and municipal engineering projects in accordance with the law of the province must be carried out. All the electronic tenders and tenders were applied. The bidding rate of the construction project supervision bidding is 50%, and the long-distance bidding evaluation system is strictly implemented. Public information should be fully open must be in accordance with the provisions of the bidding process, beginning in January 2014, the province's enterprises and bidding agency basic information and related information, the credit status of bidding in Jiangsu construction project released online; the bid winning notice items except to send the person in charge of such agreement, other key management personnel according to the provisions of the project department the requirements, and in the online bid announcement stated in. In strict accordance with the provisions of regulation 2013 Su word no. 4, implementation of the province's network project manager the lock, change is restricted and completion pin number system, open to all information regularly informed.

Two. Prohibit the setting of unreasonable bidding conditions. The project subject to tender, the tenderer must strictly implement the Ministry of construction "construction enterprise qualification standards" and "registered architect practicing project scale", not to raise the potential bidders or bidders and project manager qualifications (qualification) level of enterprise registration, ownership form, specific region and performance the requested award unreasonable conditions limit. Using the general contract project, the tenderee shall not require bidders at the same time with the general contracting qualification to undertake professional qualification contract within the scope of the steel structure engineering project contracting price estimate exceeds the total estimated price of 50% except; professional engineering contracting, the tender requirements bidders also have two or more professional contracting qualification that should be allowed to participate in the bidding consortium.

Three, the standard qualification examination is strict. According to bidding the project bidding, cancel registration, centralized answering links, cancel site reconnaissance, potential bidders need to go to the site visit, questions about the prequalification and tender documents and reply by sending the electronic bidding platform. The full implementation of the qualification of state-owned investment project after the trial system; required prequalification, bidding shall be subject to regulatory approval, in accordance with the provisions of large engineering construction tender Su 2010 No. 333 implementation of the legal representative of the bidder shall make a request for interviews, bid rigging, written commitment contracting and illegal subcontracting. We shall strictly examine the relationship between the contract and social security of the main management personnel of the bidder project, and the electronic bidding system of the conditional city and county shall be connected with the social security system of the people's social department.

Four, improve the bid evaluation methods to strengthen supervision and management. For the small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises with general technology and performance, as well as materials and equipment, we should vigorously implement the evaluated lowest bid price method, adopt the reasonable low price method with the lowest price being the bid evaluation base price and the reasonable price stochastic determination method to select the winning bidder. The comprehensive evaluation method, reasonable low price bidding projects, the price appraisal method should be in accordance with the "on housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects bidding implementing regulations for the implementation of the opinions" (Su jiangui 2013 word no. 4) documents specified in the tender document in many two kinds of price evaluation, bid random one.

The regulatory agencies for bidding at all levels should earnestly strengthen the supervision and management of state-owned investment projects. Strengthen the record verification tender notice and tender documents, a large project should carry out the verification system of two trial, trial system of bidding documents for major projects; to enrich the power of bid opening, bid evaluation activities must be carried out during the whole process of supervision; in addition to its dispatched judges other personnel shall enter the tender bidding site, bidding agency only allows a person to enter the evaluation to provide on-site service; conditional cities can promote Trading Center staff responsible for on-site service evaluation.

Five, serious and suspected rigging colluding bidding up behavior. The evaluation process found suspected bid rigging behavior, the bid evaluation committee must check carefully, in a timely manner to the bidding agency report. For the successful people for no reason to abandon the bid, "Regulations for the implementation of article seventy-fourth dealt with in accordance with the" bidding law; for the state-owned investment projects funded trial after passing no force majeure, abandon the bid deadline for withdrawal after the bidding documents, as well as the project leader for no reason not to reply the suspected rigging colluding enterprises should notice in a month the construction project bidding in Jiangsu province online, during the announcement, state-owned capital project bidding shall reject the bid. The highest price for the strict implementation of the project cost management system, organizations at all levels should strengthen the tender control price of state-owned capital project audit, explore the introduction of the third party audit mechanism, the agency is not required to the list of quantities and bidding price control, resulting in high prices or successful settlement generated significant controversy, be dealt with seriously and credited to the bad the behavior of archives.

Six, conscientiously implement the construction contract filing system. The tenderer and the winning bidder shall file the contract with the bidding regulatory agency for the project location within 7 days after signing a written contract. Within 15 days after signing a written contract between the contractor and the employer, the construction contract shall be sent to the administrative department for construction at the place where the project is located, and the contract information will be recorded in the "building market credit management platform", which is responsible for the specific work of the construction market supervision department. The record contract includes the general contract of construction contract, professional contract, professional subcontract and labor subcontract. The construction administrative department of the site of the project shall not go through the procedures for the construction license without the construction contract which has not been put on record.

The construction contract for the record, the list shall specify the project must be equipped with the project management, including project manager and technical director, construction workers, security officer and inspector to match the size of the project permit posts and personnel, personnel information management platform for building the market entry "letter". If the project manager changes, the information should be changed within 15 days.

Seven, strengthen the dynamic assessment of the construction site managers. The location of the project construction administrative departments in accordance with the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction "on the implementation of the construction site management personnel in the examination and" two "linkage notice" (Su Jianjian tube 2012 No. 57), to be a construction contract for the project in the construction site of the person in charge and responsible person, technology construction workers, security officer and inspector to match the size of the project permit posts, the implementation of LBS wireless location in the site area, the post and post information collection and analysis, the implementation of dynamic assessment. If the project leader is less than 80% of the construction time per month, the construction administrative department should include the project in the key monitoring objects, and check the transfer and subcontract seriously.

Eight, strengthen the supervision of the performance of the public bidding agencies and supervision units. The tendering agency organization, to assist or conceal illegal bidding behavior in the bidding process, the bidding agencies and persons responsible for punishment according to the relevant regulations, and credited to the record of dishonesty bidding agency. During the daily supervision process, a supervision unit finds that the project is subcontracting or illegal subcontracting. It must be stopped in time and report to the construction department at the location of the project. In the inspection, the construction department found that the supervision unit failed to fulfill its duties according to the requirements, and punished the supervision unit and the responsible person according to the relevant regulations, and entered the record of the breach of trust in the supervision unit.

Nine, seriously investigate the statistics law of subcontracting subcontracting behavior. The internal construction administrative departments at all levels should strengthen cooperation, improve the briefing, clues, investigation, information sharing mechanism, careful verification of the complaint or report form, investigating illegal subcontracting subcontracting joint bid rigging case. In the daily inspection of the construction site, we should check the information about the bid notice or the construction contract record, verify whether the construction site managers are consistent with the bid or archival information, and find out the difference between them, and focus on checking the relationship between the on-site personnel and the filing enterprises.

The Department of urban and rural construction of the province established the system of comprehensive inspection of the building market. The hall from the construction market, bidding, quality and safety, quality supervision, safety supervision, engineering cost and other relevant business departments to deploy staff construction market inspection team, not on a regular basis, the city construction project bidding behavior, contracting relationship, construction site quality and safety to conduct unannounced inspections and unannounced visits and the daily the inspection results are compared, found that the problem will be informed.

Ten, set up an enterprise blacklist system. Have verified the rigging colluding subcontracting subcontracting or illegal subcontracting enterprises to subcontract construction projects, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations to reduce the level of qualification; if the circumstances are serious, revoke the qualification certificates; shall not apply for qualifications of enterprises to upgrade or increase a year; provincial and municipal construction market credit cleared. The processing results of the corresponding violations in the bulletin, and in accordance with the "Jiangsu province social corporate dishonesty disciplinary measures" (Su Zheng Ban Fa 2013 No. 99) regulations in the province, the city public credit information system of yellow, black list, the effective period of 3-7 years, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant disciplinary measures.

Eleven, improve the integrity system of the building market. All localities should as soon as possible to improve the enterprise library, library staff, project library and credit management of basic data, built on a construction project as the core, integrated the business supervision subsystem of the construction market supervision information platform, credit results applied to the bidding and link of administrative license. Since April 1, 2014, the credit score of every enterprise has been put into the bidding section according to certain weight. The record information of construction project credit platform has been used as one of the basis for performance appraisal of the construction enterprise's Application qualification and upgrading, so as to achieve the linkage between the market and the field.

Jiangsu Department of housing and urban and rural construction

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