Common sense of labor laws and regulations

2017-12-03 21:13:01 wyh 3

One. What is the timed working hour system? What are the characteristics?

Answer: irregular hour system refers to a flexible working hour system adopted by employees in view of the relationship between production and operation characteristics, special needs or responsibilities, and can not be measured according to standard working hours or needs motorized operation. The workers who have been approved to carry out the irregular working system are characterized by the following:

(1) the restrictions on the standard of extending the working time without the day or month of the forty-first article of the labor law;

(two) the employer should take a proper way of rest to ensure the workers' right to rest and leave and the completion of their production and work tasks.

Two. What is the integrated computing time system? What are the characteristics?

Answer: the comprehensive calculation of working hours, is a pointer to due to the special nature of their work, need continuous operation or subject to seasonal and natural conditions for part of the employee employer, by week, month and year for the calculation of comprehensive cycle working hours, a working hour system but at the same period the average daily working time and the average weekly working time and legal standard working hours. The workers who have been approved to carry out the comprehensive calculation time system are characterized by the following:

(1) the working time is generally calculated by monthly, seasonal and annual cycles.

(two) the total actual time within the comprehensive calculation period should not exceed the working time of the total legal standard. If the excess is exceeded, the excess part shall be deemed to extend the working time and pay the remuneration according to the provisions of the labor law, and the average time of extension shall not exceed 36 hours per month.

(three) work day coincided with the rest day of the week. It belongs to the normal work. The working day is just a statutory holiday. It should pay wages according to the labor law.

The document is based on the labor law and the Ministry of Labour's opinions on implementing some issues of labor law ([1995]309), and the measures for examination and approval of work hours and comprehensive working hours in enterprises ([1994]503).