Go all out, hit the ground running

2017-12-03 20:38:31 zyc 4

The east wind, drum beating. Since 2017, the thirteen Bureau of China city construction has been working hard in the early stage, and many projects have successfully started. The opening ceremony of 2017 has already sounded the horn, we will have a solid step and a solid step.

In January 25th, thirteen in Anhui Dangshan urban construction bureau successfully won the bid for the old course of the Yellow River agriculture resort PPP project, a total investment of 780 million yuan, covers an area of more than 10000 acres.

In February 13th, the Taizhou science and technology talent Plaza project and the new energy industry incubator center project were held at the thirteen Municipal Bureau of construction.


Taizhou science and technology talent Plaza project is located in the north, Yingchun Road, East Ring Viaduct on the eastern side, by the thirteen Bureau of urban construction investment and construction, a total investment of 410 million yuan, 35 acres of land, the construction of the office area, R & D and production of human resources training in public service area living area, the main configuration of nearly 79 thousand square meters of buildings.

The new energy industry incubator center is located in the west of Longyuan Road, north of the rain Road, 194 acres of land, a total investment of 500 million yuan, the establishment of 150 thousand square meters of high standard modern factory building, to meet the requirements of mature SMEs.

In February 25th, the thirteen Central City Construction Bureau and Shanghai Miao Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed the "general industrial waste disposal project" strategic partnership agreement. The first project of the cooperation between the two sides was settled in Baoshan District, Shanghai, with a total contract of about 10 billion yuan. It marks the thirteen Bureau of China urban construction challenge to the new field. Our partners already have the leading technology of garbage disposal and industrial waste disposal in the world. By mutual cooperation and mutual complementarity, they will make great contributions to the environmental protection business.


Lu Zhenghua, chairman of the board, said that the existing performance is the result of the joint efforts of all the staff. The landing of the project is only a good start, and the construction is the top priority. Regardless of the provincial and provincial projects, all project departments must go all out to build benchmarks and image projects.