The leadership of the Taizhou Municipal Committee in Indonesia to guide the thirteen bureaus of overseas markets

2017-12-03 20:38:16 zyc 2

In April 22nd, Yang Jie, the vice mayor of Taizhou Municipal Committee and Zhong Chunrui, the Standing Committee of Hailin District Committee of Taizhou, visited and inspecting the thirteen overseas markets in Indonesia. Lu Zhenghua, chairman of the thirteen board, Gan Shanglin, general manager of the thirteen division Indonesia branch, Iman of WIKA group REALTY and HOLDINGS president of WIKA group, Chandra, warmly received Yang Jie's party and held talks.

At the meeting, Gan Shanglin will be the thirteen Bureau of overseas market development situation are introduced to the delegation, the thirteen Bureau as the group's overseas vanguard of daring to dare to try, has been realized by "going out" to "go" and "go to" leapfrog transformation, successively in Hongkong, Macao, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other places to set up an overseas branch. Especially in the Indonesian market, the thirteen harvest, in cooperation with the Indonesian state-owned listed company WIKA group to undertake in the capital city of Jakarta Benhil Center complex project and MTH apartment project, located in Makassar and Indonesia Harbor Industrial Park project.


Yang Jie made an important speech, the Indonesian market open, promising in the overseas market financing, can through the warranty loan, foreign bonds and other initiative to expand financing channels, enhance the financing flexibility, Taizhou municipal government will act as a strong backing of the thirteen inning, hope to cast thirteen in Urban Construction Bureau, "China urban" boutique engineering.


Lu Zhenghua said, we in the thirteen Urban Construction Bureau to the leadership of the municipal government, continues to echo Belt and Road Initiative strategy, bigger and stronger overseas market, Taizhou construction industry in overseas engineering image chelseagreat.

The 23 day, Yang Jie, Zhong Chunrui and a visit to the Makassar Ir. H. Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto mayor Mr. Yang Jie to speak at the meeting, China has a saying, unwill, not far to the mountain. In view of the basis of cooperation with the WIKA group in the thirteen Bureau of Tin City construction investment Harbor Industrial Park project on both sides, the government will actively coordinate the project need help, sincerely welcome you friends from Makassar, to Chinese, come to Taizhou, see, strengthen cooperation and friendship seek common development.


He Jun, director of Taizhou affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Dai Zhaoping, the Standing Committee member of Jiangyan District Committee of Taizhou, and Jiang Zhijun, chief of Taizhou Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau of Business Bureau, jointly inspected.