The thirteen Bureau of China city construction held a training conference on fire safety work

2017-12-03 20:38:03 zyc 4

In order to further strengthen the construction of fire protection products and the supervision and management of the market in order to rectify and standardize the construction of fire protection products, fire protection, fire products and improve the quality of construction, in December 2016, thirteen Urban Construction Bureau held fire safety work training session by the Taizhou City Fire Brigade expert speakers, the company all staff participated in the training.


Taizhou City Hailing District Fire Brigade experts to conduct random checks of emergency lighting, evacuation signs, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, fire doors, fire products, fire inspection products in accordance with the on-site inspection of fire protection products "decision rules" requirements and methods for quality assessment, and with the company to explain the methods to identify fake fire the product and the matters needing attention.


At the same time, we need to do well in the propaganda work of fire prevention in construction projects, so as to raise the awareness of fire prevention for employees. We must carry out regular and irregular fire hazard investigation in all departments, and rectify the potential danger of fire.