The glorified top of the office building of the China Construction thirteenth Engineering Bureau headquarters

2017-12-03 20:37:47 zyc 3

In May 20, 2017, the office building of the thirteen Bureau of central city construction was greeted with glory. Chairman Lu Zhenghua and general manager Ju Lin group took part in the roof ceremony with the staff of the general company.


The headquarters building is located in the main road of Fengling Road East of Hailin District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu province. The building area is 51717.02 square meters, including the office building A block, B seat and supporting business. Office building A, a total of 17, is located in the southwest of the base; office building B block, a total of 15, is located in the northeast base, 1-3 layer for supporting the commercial podium. The ground floor is a civil air defense project, a parking lot and a equipment room. The surrounding traffic is convenient and the geographical position is superior. After complete completion, it becomes the landmark building of Hailing Industrial Park.

The headquarters building is designed by the thirteen subordinate Design Institute, the central city construction (Beijing) Building Design Co., Ltd. The overall design adopts the modern concise form on the facade style, emphasizes the tall and upright sense of strength with the vertical line, and combines the glass curtain wall and the wall interpenetration, giving the human the sense of energetic vitality. The "CCCC" logo at the top of the building highlights the image of the group brand.


Lu Zhenghua, chairman of the board, said in his speech that from the foundation laying of the company building in September 2016, after hundreds of days of unremitting efforts, the successful closure of the headquarters of the thirteen bureaus was finally welcomed, showing the spirit of every urban construction artisan.


Capping ceremony lit fireworks, firecrackers, thirteen of all employees feel excited and inspired, believe in the leadership of the company under the leadership of the staff will be in the forefront, striving to pioneer, dry in the practice, seek practical results, to compose a blueprint for tomorrow.