Pan Haibo signed a land trade contract in New York

2017-12-03 20:36:30 zyc 15

In October 28th, Pan Haibo, general manager of group vice president and China urban construction and development company, signed the land transaction contract in New York and CABI DEVELOPERS chairman Kababy (Elias Cababie) of the United States, and formally unveiled the prelude of China's urban construction to enter the US real estate market strategy.

Prior to that, vice president Pan Haibo signed a special legal service contract with the Miami Greenberg Tranrig lawyer bank, and established a professional safeguard mechanism to enter the US market.

Miami is located in downtown Miami, looking east the Atlantic, north of downtown financial district, south of Miami rich area, West Hongkong Taigu Investment Group Pacific Business district. The group plans to build the tallest building in Miami. The total area is expected to reach 330 thousand square meters. After completion, it will become a landmark building for Chinese enterprises in Florida, and a Chinese gathering center in the southeastern United States.

Miami is one of the most potential cities in North America. It has a good climate and natural environment. It is a holiday resort for rich people in the United States and central and South America. Miami is one of the financial centers in the United States. The trade logistics and education industry are very developed. It is not only suitable for living, but also suitable for development and children to learn. Miami has a multi-ethnic culture, with the most inclusive openness in the city of the United States. The state of Florida, where Miami is located, is one of the most preferential tax areas in the United States and is suitable for the establishment of an enterprise headquarters.