CCCC headquarters held a 2016 executive meeting

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At the beginning of the new year, dazzling lights, mangrove green flower Everything looks fresh and gay.. In January 7th, the "CCCC2016 annual Executive Conference" was held in the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. CCCC CEO Guo Wenhui presided over the meeting, mixing the chairman delivered a lofty station, management of precision, the pursuit of excellence, down-to-earth "" 2016 year management "overview of important speech; China city construction holding group party secretary and President Wang Liang, China City International Financial Holding Group chairman Mr Zhang, chairman of the joint Chinese urban construction group Limited by Share Ltd Xu Jianhua CCCC and chief financial officer of the sword is equal to attend the meeting.


At the president's speech at the meeting

Mixing president according to the international situation, the complex economic situation, starting from the current features of China's economic development, actively adapt to the new norm, announced the enterprise architecture and business structure of urban construction China full system adjustment, the original domestic enterprises engaged in the city infrastructure construction industry, into a business globalization; asset securitization; management modernization; the market system of multinational enterprise group.

To refine the president in his speech, respectively on the mainland, Chinese analyzed systematically compared Chinese Hongkong and overseas business, investment, development of major projects carried out strategic deployment; clear "in 2016, one of the most important tasks of real estate development enterprises is the response to the call of the state to reduce the real estate inventory". Meanwhile, the proportion of overseas construction and government projects to total construction volume should not be less than 70%. "30% of new investment projects must come from sales or recycling funds of original projects". Yu Lian chairman stressed that the development of construction enterprises and development enterprises must take the road of industrial specialization. It is not recommended to diversify investment. When the enterprise develops to a certain stage, it encourages the implementation of the mode of "building + Finance + acquisition".


CCCC2016 executive annual meeting

In 2015, the members of the leadership of chairman China refined urban construction system units to respond positively to the national "go out of the country, develop" the call to promote in the United States, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Kampuchea and Hongkong, Macao China development and the infrastructure investment and cooperation, implement the strategy of "going out" a major breakthrough. In a speech in January 7th, President three times about mixing to seize the country to vigorously advocate "The Belt and Road" international economic development strategy from the favorable opportunity, investment in the construction of Miami landmarks for the start of the project, many large overseas contract engineering, training management and construction team of our own. "Take the road of positive brand expansion" and "enhance the international gold content of CCCC brand through overseas investment".

In more than two hours of "2016 year" management summary of the last lecture, mixing chairman CCCC executives sincere words and earnest wishes to put forward two requirements: first, to learn new knowledge, new research problems. We should continue to learn the new knowledge of the modern economy, study the virtual currency, and build a new model of "Finance + construction" with the heart. Second, constantly improve their ideological quality and moral quality, one is wisdom, use wisdom, seize the opportunity to create performance, create a miracle; on the other hand is to exercise your mind, mind, "because the cause is always belong to caring people".


Photo of the participants

China Urban Construction Group Executive Vice President Du Meiyi, vice president Kong Meng, in the Urban Construction Engineering Bureau of the tenth chairman Wang Jingxue, chairman He Junsheng, chairman of the twelfth Engineering Bureau of the sixteenth Engineering Bureau of Dundee, chairman Li Siting, chairman of the eighteenth Engineering Bureau of the nineteenth Engineering Bureau Director Wang Wei, county original estate company president Zhang Farong, vice president Zhang Haitao, Qian Yongqiang, Chinese Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd. Co vice president Peng Yibang, chairman of the thirteenth Engineering Bureau Lu Zhenghua, director of the Hongkong city guard and professional management company general manager Huang Yongtang, chief investment officer China City International Financial Holding Group Director Wan Hong Chun, in the urban construction letter factoring company chairman He Wei, Dong Guixin partner Huinong capital management company Xu Juncheng, deputy director of the business management committee of the Hongkong world, chairman of Kunming and Zhuhai your project Li steel. Yazzie Capinski, the head of the hotel, and other nineteen colleagues, spoke at the conference respectively. They expressed their speech in the chairman's speech, which was thought-provoking and inspiring, and pointed out the direction and standard for people to do things and do things in. We must make efforts to forge ahead, in 2016, to make the work strive for further improvement, and strive to create new brilliance!

Assistant president Yuan Qing CCCC Yu Lin, vice president of headquarters, general manager Peng Yiting, CO chairman of board of directors Chinese Urban Construction Group Corporation Guo Yuzhao, vice chairman Zhang Shilong China urban construction group, office of the deputy director Zhang Wei (Chairman and Secretary), the former county real estate company chairman Pan Hai wave, in the Urban Construction Engineering Bureau of the Fourth Engineering Bureau of the eighth chairman Fan Maowei, chairman Gao Jianping. The general manager of the eleventh Engineering Bureau of Xia Wei, Pan Zhicai and director of the Hongkong real estate company, vice president Li Jialin, Rao Zhisheng, Hongkong is still the capital partner Mr. Gu Jinghua, chairman of the office of the Secretary of the headquarters of 100 CCCC high Shan, Ceng Yuqi and headquarters staff attended the meeting.