Chairman Xu Rui's working meeting in the group

2017-12-03 20:35:33 zyc 4

In the morning of September 27th, the first working meeting was held after the establishment of the new board of the group in the conference center of the Beijing Chaoyang District ho Ge Zhuang. The group's new chairman and party secretary Xu Rui made an important speech inspiring; the meeting chaired by the group director, President Du Mei Yee, group director, executive vice president of Lang Wei, group director Wang Qing, group director, chief accountant and financial department general manager Lu Baozhu; group Party Deputy Secretary General Office Director Zhang Fan attended the meeting.


Xu Rui, chairman of the first self introduction: 1982 graduated from the Philosophy Department of Shandong University, has served as secretary of the Ministry of public security border defense Bureau, the people's Armed Police Headquarters, Chinese political department director; the deputy general manager of committee of national defense science and Chinese people's Liberation Army Chinese Yuanwang company, party secretary, political commissar of the armed police forces China gold command South Enterprise Bureau, Beijing MCC Investment Co. Ltd. party secretary, chairman.

Then, the chairman Xu Rui introduced the general situation of Beijing metallurgical Investment Company Limited, Beijing MCC in July 1997 by the State Administration for Industry and commerce registration, is approved by the former State Bureau of metallurgical industry established state-owned joint-stock enterprises, the SASAC is the national system of iron and steel metallurgy industry professional investment company. The company has the independent import and export rights, can handle international goods and technology import and export business, is a comprehensive investment enterprise with diversified development.

Xu Rui, chairman of the urban construction group China past performance fully affirmed that the group has a high-quality workforce, is refining the chairman under the leadership of the growth in the course of the past more than 20 years, completed a major infrastructure projects throughout the country in many large city, has made outstanding contribution to the China socialist modernized construction city especially the group; a dozen Engineering Bureau to respond positively to national strategy of "going out", to seize the international and domestic infrastructure construction opportunities, to contract the government PPP project; to further promote the brand equity cooperation system ", and constantly improve the quality, strengthening the brand based on the future development of the group.


Chairman Xu Rui pointed out that Beijing smelter investment company engaged in various trade operations, occupied a lot of mineral resources, and actively promoted real estate projects, and the comprehensive strength of enterprises was strong. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the economic globalization, will continue to expand ideas, innovative ideas, create first-class R & D team, sophisticated technology, innovative service standards, promotion of leading products, industry background and make full use of resources, pay attention to the complementary function of Beijing metallurgical and China construction between, together to create greater economic benefits and social benefits.


Chairman Xu Rui stressed that in the future to strengthen the construction of China urban construction group headquarters, build a strong talent team, to guide, to create "a gilded signboard", enhance the comprehensive strength, strive for more PPP and Belt and Road Initiative overseas project, realize the innovation and development of the group. One is to standardize the construction mode and standard, the establishment of group supervision departments, to strengthen project supervision, to ensure the quality of the project; the two is to improve the financial system, the focus is the unified financial settlement, jointly improve the capital operation, improve the security benefits; three is to strive to special construction qualification, polished group name card, expand the scope of the market, enhance the the group comprehensive competitiveness; four is to grasp the construction of talent team, focus on building personnel, technical personnel, senior personnel, improve the labor remuneration and security system, team spirit. We should gradually study and improve the group structure and various systems in combination with the reality of state-owned enterprises, and form their own new bright spots and new styles, so as to achieve better and faster development of the group at the new starting point.

The group of two companies attended the meeting and thirteen Engineering Bureau leaders have said that listening to the important speech of chairman Xu Rui, encouraged and inspired; we have the determination and confidence in the new board of directors under the leadership of Chinese uphold consistent "urban construction and quality in humble and pragmatic spirit" business philosophy, to seriously understand and implement the spirit of chairman Xu Rui's speech, for the healthy, sustained and rapid development of enterprises.

The company chairman Li Huiyu, chairman of the Anhui company Ge Jin, Guizhou Kempinski Hotel, the company responsible person, Sue Zhi Ping, urban construction and property company chairman Han Wenxuan, the five chairman Gao Jianlin, six chairman Lin Xiucai, chairman Wang Jingxue, general manager of the ten Bureau twelve Engineering Bureau Liu Qian and other two enterprises and Engineering Bureau, for group construction the problems and the future direction of development, and the important recent work needs to be done, put forward constructive suggestions.

The president of Du Meiyi made a summary statement. She said, China urban construction group from management backbone to the general staff believe that with the signing success with the Beijing MCC Investment Co., Chinese urban construction group restored the state-owned enterprise identity, will win more government departments and financial institutions to support the future development of enterprises will be more broad. This great benefit of returning to the ranks of the national team will vigorously promote the development of the business of the group and achieve a new leap.

Group headquarters and development company organs of all employees, Northeast company chairman Li Huiyu, chairman of the Anhui company Ge Jin, Sichuan property company chairman Yu Lin, chairman Han Wenxuan, Huinong grass company representative Xu Juncheng, in the urban construction letter factoring company chairman He Wei, general manager of a company vice president and group enterprise management Department Zhang Haitao, Guiyang Kempinski Hotel, Daihatsu the person in charge of sue Zhi Ping, the former county real estate development company finance director Diao Xijun.