Hui agricultural grass industry company is the governing unit of China grass industry science and Technology Innovation Alliance

2017-12-03 20:35:18 zyc 3

In January 21, 2017, Hui agricultural grass industry company was invited to participate in the "China grass industry science and technology innovation alliance establishment meeting", and became a governing unit. Company general manager Jiang Li was selected and China Grassland Animal Husbandry Association Branch of national women's "top ten grass grass industry".


In 2016, it was an arduous year for the production and operation of the Hui agricultural company. 38 years since the extremely cold weather in January a banner of Inner Mongolia, once again lead to failure of Alfalfa green. The spring sowing season is another 3 months of wind and dust and drought, which greatly affects the growth of spring sowing and the first crop. What is the way out for the grass industry planting enterprise? This is not only a problem in the industry, but also the problem of whether the agricultural grass industry can survive. Faced with many difficulties and uncertainties, there is a consensus between the board of directors and management team: we need to build confidence and conviction, and look for new ways and new ideas of survival and development. The company continues to strengthen cooperation with professional and technical units, revitalize resources, adopt new management mode, implement lean management, implement performance appraisal, carry out responsibility system, streamline personnel, and improve efficiency and output. Among them, the second stubble yield of oat reached the best level in 3 years. Although the price of sales fell sharply, the company finally realized the effect of a slight input-output surplus in the year.

After six years of unremitting practice, the company summed up a set of alfalfa planting and management processes and methods, achieving the goal of "stable output, excellent quality and standardized operation of enterprises", which has been fully affirmed in the industry and become a company that has certain influence in the industry.

In August 2013, won the highest award "award of excellence in Chinese Grassland Animal Husbandry Association branch organization of the" national alfalfa product quality award "(the country hundreds of planting enterprises only 4 companies have won the prize).

In November 27, 2015, the company was invited to attend the Chinese Association of Animal Husbandry Industry Association sponsored the 2015 prairie Silk Road forum ", become a part of the grass industry" The Belt and Road "development strategy cooperation unit.

In 2015 -2016, after three years' assessment and acceptance by the government of Inner Mongolia, Chifeng, and autonomous region, the company farm was selected as the national high-quality alfalfa planting demonstration base.


Under the leadership of the board of directors of the group, the company has completed the reform of the shareholding system, which has laid the foundation for the company to seek new opportunities for development. In the joint efforts of leading companies of all staff, we have the confidence and ability to establish a line with the road of the development of grass industry benefit, and lead the staff to overcome difficulties and achieve greater success.