Group convened a meeting on financial accounts for the year 2016

2017-12-03 20:34:59 zyc 3

In from November 24th to 25th, the group held the 2016 annual financial accounting conference in Chaoyang District ho Ge Zhuang Conference Center in Beijing, deploying final accounts, organizing systematic training and studying key issues. Lu Baozhu, the director of the group, chief accountant and general manager of the finance department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and the deputy general manager of the finance department, Luying, chaired the meeting. The financial personnel of the group headquarters, the two level company and the Engineering Bureau totalling more than 20 people.


The chief accountant Lu Baozhu first introduced himself, and then emphasize the importance and necessity of the 2016 annual financial statements of the group work, and all aspects of daily work and financial accounts from the end of the work to give us a detailed explanation and guidance, so that everyone on the future financial work has been updated knowledge, solve some problems at work encountered.

During the meeting, the Finance Department of the group also organized the financial software system and tax policy training. The invitation of Kingdee software company focusing on the instructor software operation process, to answer the difficult problem in the process of using tax; invited expert Zhu Pengzu teacher explained the tax problem after increasing the need to pay attention to the camp, interpretation of the latest tax preferential policies, and a detailed analysis of answers to the tax problems of individual companies; Yu intermediary group arrangement hire detailed notes group 2016 annual financial pre-trial work, financial statements and related notes list specific list requirements.

Members of the group work conference held this financial statements highly praised, generally believe that the meeting is very important, timely, effective, have said they would respond positively to the group call, strictly abide by the financial system in the future work, strict implementation of laws and regulations, in accordance with the group's unified deployment, quality and quantity to complete the task.