The National Council of China held the 2016-2017 China economic annual meeting

2017-12-03 20:34:42 zyc 2

In December 17, 2016, 20162017 by China Center for international economic exchanges and the Xinhua News Agency national high-end think-tank co sponsored the "Chinese annual economic conference held in Beijing. This year will be around the main line, focus on poverty, Naka Jin, in the pursuit of "as the theme, learning to interpret the central economic work conference, the supply side around the deepening of structural reforms to complete the production capacity, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board five tasks, as well as the reform and opening up innovation play role. To foster the development of new energy growth in-depth discussion.


The meeting was chaired by Wei Liqun, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center. Zhu Zhixin, vice president of the China International Economic Exchange Center, and vice president of the Xinhua news agency, Zhou Shuchun, addressed each other. Zeng Peiyan, director of the China International Economic Exchange Center, attended the meeting. Some 300 people from the government, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and think tanks attended the meeting.

The Chinese Academy of urban development, established as the executive director of the second session of the China International Economic Exchange Center, was elected president of the Second Council of China International Economic Exchange Center.

According to the conference, the CPC Central Committee, under the leadership of the State Council, last year, China's economy is slow in stabilization, steady for the better. The improvement of quality and efficiency, the continuous improvement of the economic structure, the support role of innovation for development, and the breakthroughs in reform and opening up, the effectiveness of supply side structural reform is emerging. At the same time, China's current economy is still facing many challenges at home and abroad, such as foreign trade and foreign investment in Global trade growth slowed and anti globalization challenge, structural problems and periodic problems in the process of economic development are intertwined, excess capacity and demand structure and upgrade of the contradictions are still prominent, endogenous economic growth momentum is still lack of some areas has been the accumulation of financial risks etc.. In the new economic situation, how to effectively overcome difficulties and obstacles in economic development, strive to liberate and promote productivity development and maintain sustained and healthy economic development has become a common concern in the whole country.


The conference held that the central economic work conference just held in depth analyzed the current international and domestic economic situation, expounded the guiding ideology of economic work and deployed the next year's economic work. 2017 is the supply side structural reform deepening, we should insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline, to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, the prevention and control of financial risks in a more important position. To better play the role of advancing the reform of traction, three to drop a subsidy and agricultural supply side structural reforms, efforts to revitalize the real economy, the research established in accordance with national conditions and adapt to the market of real estate steady and healthy development of long-term mechanism; deepen the reform of state-owned SOEs, strengthen the protection of property rights, and steadily push forward the tax and financial system reform. To further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote the new energy development, the traditional energy vitality. To make our economy steady, into seeking good.