Strong youth is strong enterprise

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Strong youth is strong enterprise

 - In thirteen Tianyun Garden Project Construction Bureau Department successfully held the "youth commando flag presentation ceremony

In March 2017 thirteen, Urban Construction Bureau Tianyun garden project as the first project successfully qingniantujidui. Chairman Lu Zhenghua, general manager of company executives in Ju Li Qun carrying flag ceremony.


"Tianyun garden" project belongs to the Taizhou City Hailing resettlement area project, located in Taizhou City plots, construction area of about 380 thousand square meters, a total investment of about 960 million yuan. The project started in May 16, and lasted hundreds of days and nights. The 2, 9, 10 and 14 buildings have been successfully sealed.

Tianyun garden project department "youth commando" is composed of a number of outstanding 80, 90, they do not have too many restrictions and fetters, self maintenance, often can not compromise, do not break the normal procedure, sophisticated, who dares to rob, have hard-working spirit. It is also the injection of this fresh blood, not only the project department, but also to make the whole thirteen big families full of vitality and vitality.


Chairman Lu Zhenghua said in a presentation ceremony, young people represent the future, join in the development of Urban Construction Bureau of the thirteen outstanding young people cannot do without. The Yangtze River to bring forth the new through the old, "youth commando" all members continue to play the next every battle, today you take pride in their company, Tomorrow Company, proud of you!


Party secretary Dai Yunhua, deputy general manager Li Lin, chief engineer Qin Chunhua, Tianyun garden project manager Su Xiaofeng to participate in the flag ceremony.