Notifications of continuing education and training of three types of personnel in Hailing District

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1. The object of training:

The names of the persons who have been declared and paid in the District Housing Bureau comprehensive section are listed in the annex of the notice.

Two. The time and place of training:

Training time: May 29th, May 30th class one class

Two classes in June 5th and June 6th

Three classes in June 12th and June 13th

Four classes in June 19th and June 20th

Five classes in June 26th and June 27th

Class time: 2:30 a.m. - 5:30 am 8:00--11:30 p.m.

Training location: Taizhou City Construction Co occupation training school in Taizhou Jia International Decoration City 39 building 6 floor (East South turntable first traffic light Lucy)

Three, the way of examination

The test adopts the standard answer card form. Please take the ID card, the quasi examination certificate and the 2B pencil in the exam.

Four. Contact telephone:

Chen 86611635 high strength and 86397028

Comprehensive Department of Housing Construction Bureau of Hailing District

Two 0, May 12th, 14