Notifications of continuing education on safety knowledge of the group leader of the construction of Jianan enterprise project

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The Jianan units in Hailing area:

According to the "safety production law", "safety training requirements of production management" and "on the organization to carry out construction enterprise project construction team of Changan education and training notice" (Thailand building 2012 No. 24) requirements, to further improve our city construction production line team leader safety awareness and safety management ability, the Study on the decision of continuing education for the gang leader for a new round of safety knowledge. The following matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. The object of Continuing Education

In 2012, the leader of the class group, which has been certified, has not held the head of the class group of the group Changan full training certificate.

Two. The main contents of Continuing Education

Industry production safety situation, the typical accident case analysis, class leader's role and function, hazard identification and removal of hidden dangers, work safety equipment use and management, civilization standardized site creation, labor protection and behavioral science, advanced safety management experience, employee's rights and obligations.

Three. The organization of training

The teachers who took the first round of training in 2012 continue to undertake the theme teaching task of the current round. The safety supervision stations and the departments of science and education in every municipality (District) bureau are responsible for the organization and training of local training objects and the regular management of training classes. The departments of science and education all over the country are responsible for the management of information files and certification of students. Arrange auxiliary examination, the Council is responsible for the teaching content of the textbooks and teachers around the opening time, preparation. At that time, the Municipal Bureau invited the City Security Bureau to send members to participate in the supervision and inspection of the examination process.

Four, examination and certification

The continuing education training and assessment of qualified personnel to continue education records with continuing education courses in the original qualified seal "team Changan training certificate"; to participate in the training of new team leader, after passing the examination, issued by the "Changan team training certificate".

Five. Supervision requirements for holding on post

Please attach great importance to the training, learning and assessment of all the construction units. The safety station will combine the safety supervision and inspection of the construction site of each unit to see the case of the safety class leader.

400 yuan per person for the new declaration and 200 yuan per person for continuing education

Consulting phone: 86611635

Taizhou Municipal Construction Engineering Administration

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