Life in the ground not Mr. ho -- Interview with thirteen Urban Construction Bureau of Hubei limited company manager Wang Benli

2017-12-26 16:06:23 hw 7

Wang Benli, manager of Hubei Co., Ltd., the thirteen Bureau of China city construction. He was born on 1957, is giving the impression of calm wisdom and courteous, chastity. Do not have the luxury of high-profile dress, not rhetoric communication, love thunder action popular interview love to answer the problems of focus on the concise statement appalling. Wang Benli said he appreciated the sentence - life in the ground, not Mr. ho!

Honor is affirmative and whip

Before the interview, he had collected some information about Wang Ben Li. The most impressive thing to me was that he had a lot of honor. Not to mention the long time, begin from 2005 2005, Wang Benli won the "Hubei province construction engineering safety management of advanced worker, from 2006 to 2011 for 6 consecutive years by the Xiangfan city construction industry" outstanding project manager "," Hubei province construction industry excellent enterprise manager, 2013 by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction. As the "Jiangsu province construction excellent enterprise", "Xiangyang city construction industry safety production advanced individual", in addition to Wang Benli responsible for the project is also quite good: 2006 awards to the year 2011 in Hubei province construction project safety civilized construction site (Chutian cup award), 2007 annual Hubei Provincial Quality Project Award, 2010 annual Hubei Province Construction Quality Engineering Award, Hubei province in 2012 the structure of quality engineering, 2013 in Xiangyang City, Xiangyang City, safe and civilized quality engineering, ten model projects, including Yang City construction industry safety production advanced enterprises...

Wang Benli took part in the work in 1974, when he was only an ordinary construction worker in the Jiangdu County building station in Jiangsu. Without any background, there is no "good man to help", but he has a kind of unwillingness to lag behind the spirit. He is not satisfied with the status quo, through their own continuous efforts, in 1984, he had the honor to become an ordinary worker in Yangzhou fifth construction and installation engineering company Xiangfan branch, he served as the second project team captain; in 1997 he was promoted to the fifth Taizhou construction and installation engineering company Xiangfan branch company project manager; in 2007 he became the fifth person in charge of Taizhou construction and installation engineering company Xiangfan branch. Over the years he has been diligent, conscientious, from every little bit of progress, the arrival of the honor is not easy, to witness his struggling history. All of this is due to his hard work and sweat from hard work. He feels very steadfast and cherished everything that is hard won.

Facing many honors, Wang Benli said, "what I value most is the honor of the business, which is more important than my life." It is the result of the joint efforts of comrades to get honor, which is not happy, and all kinds of honors, and I am only one of them. I can't lie down on my score. Honor is the affirmation of our work, but it is a whip to us. The Yangtze River since ancient times, bring forth the new through the old, if I have made the honor because these, pleased with oneself solid step forward it, it will soon be eliminated by the industry. I can continue to push forward only when I constantly urge myself. " Listen to Wang Benli's answer, I can only do our modest and prudent, filled with a thousand regrets, can have eternal progress.

A real "job"

In the interview, his colleagues mentioned that Wang Benli called him "a man of work", and he was indeed a real "work man" in his work. Wang Benli has always only said "early" to work, since there is no "early retreat" phenomenon. His office, half of the site, half in the office. Regardless of the wind and rain, the fear of cold and heat, every day to go to the site to check, and then to the office to deal with other matters. "I have to go to the site every day," Wang Benli said. "It has become an essential thing in my life, just as important as eating."

This "work is a man", in view of the various links in the work, but also shows the "pluralism" of his personal character. For the safety of the works, he can be bold "at the cost of spending billions of dollars involved; the quality of the project, he can do it unequivocally," material wealth "; he treated workers, the wages of migrant workers" never show the utmost solicitude, arrears ", these are legendary.

Start by the end of 2013 the Xiangyang Leju Plaza project, construction, fire protection, since the cumulative for greening, hardening, trash removal, cleaning and other aspects of the site fee of one million yuan, Wang Benli said: "as long as to meet the needs of safety and civilization, investment is worth more money." In the post construction stage of this project, the Wang Benli plan will also increase the investment and strength of the safety and civilization construction. Wang Benli often said, "I do not like to do things vaguely, everything must be done by standard, what the standard is, and what you have to do!" Safe and civilized do not do well, quality, progress is zero. The summer of 2013, Wang Benli despite the heat, the advanced experience of Dalian, Shenzhen and other places of learning to the field of safe and civilized construction. Wang Benli said: "safety and civilization is the most important, bigger than the sky, a little careless. We should set up the image of the enterprise for the construction of the "China city construction" brand construction.

Unremittingly Yongpangaofeng

Wang Benli arranged his rest time very well, played ball and took a walk, but most of the time was reading. He likes reading, he said: "in the past, because of the limited conditions, not Cobain was born, there is no high academic qualifications, but we are not afraid of late, as long as the head-on rush forward, we can still progress." So he paid great attention to the accumulation of knowledge and constantly recharged himself. He has a wide range of books, especially books on professional knowledge. He is not a cursory Guandeng like browsing, but very carefully study. His books have the marks of learning, the key points, the difficulties, and the supporting study notes. Wang Benli said: "the new technology, new technology and new materials of construction engineering are constantly updated and replaced, we can only keep up with the times." Learning is the ladder of progress. We should not only emphasize the knowledge of books, but also combine theory with practice. We must pay attention to communication and learn to learn from each other's strengths, so that we can truly progress.

The knowledge of the books, the communication of the network, the observation and the various channels between the brothers and other units, as long as it is beneficial to the work, Wang Benli is one. He paid great attention to the successful construction experience of foreign and foreign enterprises. When he learned that the new template has very good characteristics: all supporting factory production, uniform size, convenient assembly and disassembly, suitable for all kinds of height and size of template support needs. He immediately arranged for the company project manager and security staff to form a learning group to study in Fuzhou, Yichang, Shanghai, and the site.

Wang Benli is also the vice president of the Xiangyang Construction Engineering Safety Association, who often participates in the investigation and study activities organized by the association. He knows when to study in the first half of 2013, some foreign enterprises in the use of steel reinforced protective shed, the steel shed all components are detachable, turnover can reach more than dozens of times, very beautiful, can save the operating space, centralized distribution box, to avoid in the process of common steel processing the electric shock accidents. Wang Benli, regardless of the hard work, personally organized the team to organize project managers to Wuhan, Dalian and other investigations. Last year, a total of 10 people were sent to study in the field, learning climbing scaffolding, setting protection shed, component fence, component type staircase temporary handrail, tower crane lattice column and so on. After learning organized seminars, please each one airs his own views to combine theory and practice, and to experience the use of advanced technology. Now steel structure reinforcement shed, stereotyped fence and so on have been used for Xiangyang construction site. In October 29, 2013, the riverside diamond project built by our company received the quality and safety inspection from the whole city's construction, supervision and Industry Department. The second half of 2014 will start the "nine Street eighteen lane" project will enable the climbing scaffold, Wang Benli laughed: "I really want to be never too old to learn, to keep climbing the ladder of progress."

To the last interview, Wang Benli returned to his favorite phrase "life in the ground, not Mr. ho". Wang Benli said that the ancient language has been able to spread to the present because of its correct meaning. If you think about it, no matter what industries you live in, you can only rely on yourself to work hard in your life. If you don't actively explore and pursue, what is your harvest or achievement? Wang Benli said, in October last year, the company's transformation from "Taizhou five" upgraded to "in Urban Construction Bureau thirteen", it is to give all our employees a great power. Now, good prospects for development, as an employee of a "China urban construction", to be more motivated, more strenuous efforts, along the way non-stop.