Concentrate on the practice of practice -- Li Lin, executive manager of the Phoenix Jia garden project, thirteen

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To ask Li Lin to make an interview in the office, he said, "I'm really sorry, I can't leave the site, or just talk about it." I understand the man, so he went to the site, finally saw the hats, busy awfully Li Lin, I saw his dark face covered with sweat, the whole people is in good out of a bandbox.

Li Lin is the executive manager of the thirteen Bureau, Phoenix beautiful garden project, Taizhou. Fenghuang Jia Yuan belongs to the relocation and resettlement project, which is one of the key projects of the Taizhou municipal government. The first phase of the building area is 170 thousand m2, of which the underground garage is 40 thousand m2, and the total cost of the project is 370 million yuan. At present, the main body of the whole project has been basically completed. In the face of a high-rise blocks, I first asked Li Lin how to understand the concept of "housing", he said very seriously: "the government of the demolition resettlement housing tenants were built for the construction of resettlement housing, resettlement housing, our company is very hard, because it is directly related to the interests of the masses and the stability of the society." His sonorous and forceful words.

Carefully plan, guard against in the bud

I asked Li Lin, since the project started, what is the most impressive, he said: Phoenix Garden project is located in the Taizhou Railway Station south direction, the land surrounded by water on three sides, facing a road, the underground water level is higher, the earth excavation faces enormous challenges. The East, South and West on three sides from the river too close, but an earthwork collapse, will form the foundation pit water intrusion phenomenon; two is the only natural underground water in 20CM under the ground, and the basement depth of excavation should be in the natural 6M below the ground, underground engineering construction precipitation is the major difficulty.

Faced with two major difficulties, Li Lin didn't be afraid. Instead, he increased courage. He said, "difficulties are inevitable. As long as we strengthen our confidence and plan carefully, difficulties will be overcome." To this end, he and the project manager to organize technical personnel in joint research, both for the construction units to reduce cost, but also can improve the efficiency of the purpose of making pile waterproof anti sloughing scheme and pipeline dewatering scheme with precipitation. The two programmes are all recognized by the expert group and the construction unit. During the construction of earthworks and foundation works, Li Lin and the workers were united closely. They worked hard for 90 days day and night. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, they completed the task of reinforced concrete sealing in the basement.

Set an example and set an example

Do one of the manager's job is to implement the company's policies and regulations, control objectives, take the lead in the implementation of the regulations of the project department, in-depth construction site, follow operation. Li Lin is a very responsible person, and he performs his duties without any deduction. He stressed to me, "I have to make an example. If I can't do it, what's the reason to ask for someone else?" The monthly attendance records kept by office Xiao Wang showed that Li Lin was the first to arrive at the project department almost every day, and then he must go into the construction site, go deep into the construction site and start a busy day's work. Sometimes to supervise the work to complete the task, he daytime, evening, even when necessary to the site for the home, it is be not at all surprising.

Li Lin assists the project manager and resolutely implements the construction management of the construction site. He arranged the work reasonably, adjusted the field and the appearance, and carefully checked the implementation of the construction and production of various types of work. For a series of measures such as temporary greening, temporary irrigation table, temporary road and domestic sewage discharge, he urged every link. Colleagues said, to carry out temporary green Li Lin, based on past experience, the direct selection of local arrangements for fast growth, resistance to extreme step, almost no fertilization watering, and recovery of heat and cold tolerance, strong grass and trees and flowers, which specializes in the greening work team leader very much. For the temporary road laying, Li Lin gradually arranges according to the construction schedule. The site pavement is unified with concrete pouring. When pouring, he directly stares at the construction site, and insists that the width should reach 6m and 4m. Set the scene of rainwater collection and drainage system, he according to the actual situation, the use of settling ponds, reservoirs, water pump, will draw precipitation in the process of water recycling, arranged for washing, greening, water conservation, but also as the scene of the fire water, dust prevention water etc.. With their joint efforts, the Phoenix Jia Yuan project was named "Taizhou civilization site" in 2013.

Quality safety, always first

Li Lin said: "quality and safety are the life of the project, and the quality and safety in my heart will always be the first." In his work notes, the most important matters of attention, quality and safety, are the most important. He put the key points of safety on the site in red pen, which was the point of his daily inspection.

At my request, Li Lin took me to a few scenes. Feel the whole site roads, no debris heaps, fire tools Goods are available in all varieties. Li Lin said that there must be enough fire extinguishing equipment in the temporary equipment storehouse, fuel field and fire department, and arrange special person management and regular inspection records. He also introduced me to some other security measures, such as hot work ah, note the scene of combustible and explosive materials in the shed and a few ah, no ah, he said very clearly, as clear as noonday. Li Lin said, "safety first, prevention first", we cannot let down in any manner, a small part of. The project team, safety, quality education meeting Li Lin is unshakable, his theme is very clear, strict quality and safety inspection team, the quality and safety problems and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, clear to all the team rewards. At the beginning people did not understand him, think he love too seriously, but after a long time of contact, who do not admire the executive manager of serious and persistent.

The quality of the project, Li Lin from the beginning, clear responsibility and authority of personnel at all levels, he stressed the need to do the task to distinguish, accountability, so the problem can be held accountable to the people, in order to better solve the problem, do not produce the phenomenon of mutual prevarication. Study and review construction drawings and technical supervision of the disclosure and review of the implementation of the system, technical information management, improve information feedback system, the meticulous work, he has arranged everything in good order and well arranged. Li Lin is a bold but cautious man, his bold management, assist the project manager to the project department management fast, will play the most incisive position management responsibility system. Xue Bin, the project manager of Fenghuang Jiayuan Park, said Li Linzhen is a rare executive manager. It is a great blessing to cooperate with such a person who is rigorous, responsible and able to work well. The perfect combination of leadership and excellent management is achieved. In 2013, the five buildings of Fenghuang Jiayuan 4#, 7#, 10#, 11# and 12# were selected as "Taizhou high quality structural engineering". Now we are working together to win the award of Taizhou high quality project "Meran Cup".

Study hard and work diligently

Li Lin, who was born in 1968, only had high school education when he worked. He knew the importance of professional knowledge, so he had not stopped learning all these years. Li Lin said, he is not a formal curriculum, there are a lot of things must be constantly learning, to keep up with the pace of reality. Probably because the beginning of the beginning is slightly lower, the architectural specialty is a very professional subject, and he only nibbling a book on the basis of his perseverance. Li Lin teases and studies while working. Instead, he has two birds with one stone to think about the problem, which can combine theory with practice perfectly. Li Gong told him that his learning experience is so understatement, but we all know that architecture related academic credentials can be easily obtained. Listen to Li Gong's colleague, often to the end of the day, my colleagues are ready to pack up and leave, he did not fight back release volumes said: "you go first, I read a book, and then complete the section today." Li Gong at the scene seems to Studuy diligently in front of learning. Through his unremitting efforts, he gained a junior college degree in architectural engineering in the past few years, and got the qualification certificate of "the two level builder of Jiangsu province".

Li Lin said, "I really don't have anything to write, that's what an executive manager should be responsible for." His ability to be strengthened, will be more hard in the future, and will never fail to live up to the trust of the company to me. "