The security guard has a long way to go -- Xu Jun, head of the Security Department of the thirteen Bureau

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The security department in thirteen Urban Construction Bureau Xu Jun, a certified safety engineer, is a worthy of the name "expert", he led a team of dedicated team, shouldering the thirteen Bureau of production safety management. Because of his outstanding performance, he was evaluated by the group at the end of last year as "2014 Chinese city construction three officials", and was selected as "advanced individual" by the thirteen Bureau.

Xu Jun is the thirteen recognized "busy", regardless of the scorching sun or a world of ice and snow, he often stationed in the production line, his heart is always installed enterprise's safety and the safety of the workers. "Security is life," he said. "I have a long way to go!"

A vanguard, heavy responsibilities

Xu Jun is a member of the 31 year old party, he has a good political quality, advanced thinking, work actively, everywhere play an exemplary vanguard role. He insisted on the party's policy and policy, and he practiced Scientific Outlook on Development with his own practical action.

As the head of the thirteen security department, the burden of Xu Jun's shoulder can be imagined. Everyone knows, for construction enterprises, "safe" two characters of the status of what is important. Xu Jun said seriously, "I know the heavy burden on my shoulders, and I'm also brave enough to pick up the heavy burden, so I want to be more hardworking, loyal to my duty, and work harder." In his work, he took the lead in organizing departmental staff to carry out safety work conscientiously, and resolutely carry out the policy of safety in production, which is "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment". As in this year's company safety production conference, Xu Jun stressed: "safety production is the top priority for enterprises. It runs through our construction process. We must resolutely carry out relevant laws and regulations for safety in production, respond positively to the notice of the superior authorities, implement the company's management regulations, and accomplish safety management effectively and effectively. The purpose of safe production should be achieved through the implementation of the responsibility system of safety production and the implementation of the system of safety responsibility by layers. The company's safety management is in a controllable state.

Xu Jun insisted on the construction project annual inspection inspection, both the Taizhou local area project department, or Qinghai, Hubei, Nanjing and other foreign companies, he unavoidably arrange work, strengthen the construction site safety supervision and inspection work. He said: "safety is no small matter, only track inspection to discover security risks in the construction process, found hidden in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of rectification," three "requirements, namely timing fixedfixed measures, there must be a written reply after rectification, check again after qualified by".

Two. Be conscientious and conscientious

Although Xu Jun is rough in shape, he is very careful about his work. As long as it is with "safe" any details about it, he not from a tiny bit of omissions. The first thing he paid attention to every day was the change of the weather. Although he looked at the weather forecast every day, he always paid attention to the update in order to keep track of the continuous update of the weather forecast. Especially in severe cold, hot summer season or bad weather is coming, he will announce the announcement in advance in the company's OA system and QQ group inside the company, remind each branch company and each project department to pay attention to, do well every precautionary measure ahead of time.

Xu Jun attaches great importance to safety education, often go to the front line, to each project department, propaganda and education of laws and regulations of the workers, "production safety law", "construction law", "safety management regulations", in order to improve the safety quality of front-line workers, strengthen production safety control combined with the "three elements". Strengthen the unsafe behavior, the unsafe condition of material and the influence of climate and environment, take effective control measures, and through the three aspects for analysis, carry out safety education more in-depth to the workers.

Under the leadership of Comrade Xu Jun, the staff of the company's safety department has formulated a targeted post responsibility system, basically implemented the regulations of safety production responsibility management, and signed the responsibility form of safety production with them. Under the guidance and supervision of the company's safety department, the safety management system and detailed safety precautions for the various branches and item company in the construction safety production process combined with the actual situation of the site were worked out.

The company asked the security department at the end of the year, the organization must be inspected to each branch, all items shall notify the inspection results of production safety in the annual general meeting on June, at the end of the inspection results into the year-end evaluation, do award. Xu Jun led the company's security department colleagues to the very strict inspection, the problems found in the inspection, promptly issued safety hazards rectification notice, all kinds of security risks will be scheduled rectification in place, better control of the illegal operations, command behavior occurs in the process of construction. Under the efforts of Comrade Xu Jun led by the Ministry of security, there was no safety casualty accident and no environmental pollution in the 2014 year of the company and the first half of 2015.

The company security department to conduct an annual review of the regulations, Xu Jun explained, along with the development of the security situation, with the progress of science and technology, new technology, new requirements and new materials in the construction and production of daily work constantly updated, so some of the provisions of the company must be prepared according to the actual the situation, keep pace with the times.

Three. Perseverance in love and dedication

Comrade Xu Jun was active in his work, loved his job and devoted himself to dedication, and often gave up holiday breaks for his work. He is good at learning, diligent in thinking, strict in the management of the project, and persevering.

He is a hard to complete the job, a careful study and professional knowledge, in addition to the books and the knowledge on the network, he also took advantage of each company to arrange to go out to visit other fraternal units of the construction site the opportunity, learn from the advanced management experience of other units, combined with the actual situation of the company, will use their own experiences in the actual work, truly learned to use. He also often the young company sincere words and earnest wishes of my colleagues said, young people have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, to develop their own development and enterprise closely together, to actively participate in the reform and development of the company, and the company to the same fate.

Under the guidance of Xu Jun, the company's security department is very busy every day. They conscientiously implement the notice of production safety management documents and government departments of the company; carefully examine the work of construction safety production of construction organization design of the construction project and the special construction plan, and supervise the safety management measures; coordination of item company to do the safety inspection to meet the higher authorities; supervise each branch, the item company seriously, collect project information security management; the project in the city of Taizhou weekly site inspection time, crane, elevator, scaffolding and other main goods during installation and disassembly for tracking supervision, to ensure the temporary use of electricity aloft, construction machinery, construction site safety management by comprehensive. Over the years, the situation of safe production has been developing steadily. There have been no accidents such as heavy casualties, machinery, fire, environmental pollution, poisoning and so on, which has prevented the occurrence of occupational diseases.

Xu Jun plays an active role in his work. Just like what he emphasized at the same time, he must do "one line, one line and one line", especially as a safety management technician in construction industry. He must have a sense of responsibility and a strong sense of responsibility. His sense of duty runs through, and has been accumulated for a long time, and has become a kind of dedication.

As a safe engineer, Xu Jun has been unable to remember how many of the construction sites, how many trips, and how many holidays were sacrificed. Speaking of this, he did not complain half a sentence, and he said, "I would like to work hard as long as the safe work is in place!" All the words are full of the affirmation from the heart.