The trip to Qingdao

2017-12-26 16:07:40 hw 3

The company has organized the cultural activities of the group. After a long six hours, we finally came to the beautiful and rich city of Qingdao. Because the sea's charm is unstoppable, we get to the destination, they went straight to the so-called "Asia first beach" in Jinshatan, where it is sand as fine as powder color, such as gold, a well deserved reputation. Facing the vast ocean, friends cheered excited, do not hesitate to rush to the sea, swimming, surfing, dredging...... You shout at me, I invite you to enjoy the joy of the sea mother. TLIDEA in showing their true nature, playing shows is between friends honest, one was the sun shone red smiling face, to laugh more mutual friendship.


Early in the second day, we set out and came to Laoshan, known as "the top of the sea." Laoshan is 1132.7 meters above sea level. It is the first peak of China's coastline. It is known to all that mountaineering is an extremely challenging task. On the one hand, Yourenruzhi, slightly careless team will become separated, so the mountain is a test for us to unite forces. Secondly, the important thing is the support of perseverance for the physical exercise of personal physical strength. In order to appreciate the peak of the mountain, only unremitting climb. All the way to climb, colleagues enjoy the scenery along the way, do not forget to take care of their colleagues around, help and help one, who is physically ineffective, you will consciously slow down. In the mutual encouragement of everyone, all members of the team arrived at all before the target - Longtan waterfall. Enjoy Zhou Zhiyuan praise "throws the bead to fall, dance at the snow started falling. Visitors to the corrupt Qing reward, "the beauty of. It is called "the mountain is easy to go down to the mountain," and we have completed the exercise of mountaineering satisfactorily under the self-conscious mutual care. Some colleagues conclude that the charm of mountaineering cares about the scenery along the way, and more about the mutual support of friends in the landscape.

Enjoy the natural plant style, then we came to the polar ocean world, common taste of Animal Polar cute style, and polar bears, penguins, whales, whale sharks have close contact and understanding, especially the sea lions, seals, dolphins, naive look, everybody read all laughing. The best part is to appreciate the intimate feelings of the trainers and dolphins in a seamless and seamless performance. We all wonder that the sincere feelings between human beings and animals are so priceless.

The last stop we come to Zhanqiao, the Zhanqiao is the symbol of Qingdao. When we catch the tide we stand in the "back to the world court side, along the breakwater is the strong sea erosion, great tide, waves wave after wave, without fatigue, such as Ten thousand steeds gallop. full of vitality. Friends close to stand quietly in the Zhanqiao side, listening to the roar of the waves and enjoy the majestic momentum, silently accept the Holy Baptism to our hearts.

In Qingdao, the day has the romantic day, the night has the wonderful night. When the night came, the barbecue in Qingdao was suddenly busy. The bright moon in the sky, pure warm sea breeze blowing, we also do as the Romans, around the small table, sitting in a small folding stool, table 351 Oxford cloth, Qingdao beer firm, baked several seafood, like northerners like forthright toast each other happily chatted, intimate clear laughter filled foreign customs.

Time flies, the third day in the afternoon, we are getting far away from the beautiful Qingdao. In return, we passed the world's second - ranked cross - sea bridge, the Qingdao Bay Bridge. This is the pride of our construction industry. In a unanimous amazing sound, all the people have come to realize the natural moat change thoroughfare magic.

The cultural life organized by the company, the trip to Qingdao, has a sense of feeling, thinking and understanding. We have the opportunity to enjoy a common passion, common experience of the sea, the common sense of the nature of the magic, more importantly, three days of team activities, we promote each other's friendship, understanding the importance of team cohesion, as every member of the thirteen Bureau believed only together work hard, can we have more.