Tongli Water Village

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The continuous patter of rain has been continuous since the night before, almost noon we drove to Tongli, in the "Tongli home" over lunch, looking forward to the rainbow after the rain, Tongli decided to use the drizzle to render and highlight her Jiangnan charm.

Tongli is located in the east coast of Taihu, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale River, in the hustle and bustle of the modern bustling world, the genuine southern town still followed the ancestral rhythm, hold its own quiet, does not noisy, ancient books like a continued for a long time, we have to tell the story of life.

The road leading to the ancient town is a bluestone road. It passes through the archway of the ancient town. A small bridge stands in front of the eyes. The so-called "small bridge and flowing water people", a picture of Jiangnan ink and wash painting is presented in front of our eyes. Fenqiangdaiwa, this is the most simple colors, is to give people the feeling of shock and dazzling. The river under the bridge was flowing, and the naughty raindrops were jumping on the river. The river on both sides of the houses nestled in the green tree under a bit like the daughter of a humble family "- veiled".

Static! Quiet! There is a sense of passing through time and space. We seem to have broken free from the noisy city and suddenly landed in a town called "Tongli". Then it was precipitated, and the impetuous heart soon calmed down. He decided to take up his umbrella and lift up his face, looking forward to a clean baptism of the rain in Tongli.

Gently on the flagstone Road, walking in the town with a history of five thousand or six thousand years, the market has become a "rich soil", although the vicissitudes of life are still independent. The Ming and Qing Street in the town, a total length of 160 meters, preservation of the original stone pavement, street on both sides of the building is built in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, all the way to the ancient streets, very distinctive row upon row of shops, from afar, was there a Huangruogeshi feeling. The shops of the market, except for the store flags outside the house, are busy in the shop. They will be very busy in the shop. If there's a business door, they will be warmly entertained, and no need to drum up. This feeling of "you come or not, I am here" is very comfortable. Stop and go, came to a full of postcards of the store, the feet of a lazy cat carelessly back and forth, as if it is the shop owner. The warmth of the decoration in the store, the tourists can leave their luggage at random, and sit on a comfortable sofa for a cup of coffee. The two sides of the upstairs and downstairs are hanging from the roof to the floor, all of the different famous letters. The owner of whimsy, take the form of snail mail postcards have "future", is this year greeting visitors will accumulate until next year can be sent to the recipient's hands. Then I chose a Tongli scenic postcards, and mail it to yourself, think at this time next year I will recall the mood at the moment this year, will not have a taste.

Continue to walk, stop and linger, gone through a stone bridge in different poses and with different expressions of different sizes, Taiping Bridge, the bridge Geely, Changqing bridge, the bridge, Pu bridge...... For hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion, they still stand tall, have experienced years of wind and frost, support the connection of river town. "Grand bridge, people do pillow River", "Willow Bridge Water City, river into the town of Tongli lake, with its unique charm attracts visitors view.


Because of rain, not many tourists, the river side quietly parked a wooden boat, exudes the smell of tung oil just brush the ship hull, clean up the shielding awning. Embark on a rowing boat, which took us slowly swaying in the river, listening to the boatman enthusiasm to introduce local local customs and practices. The boatman said that there were 15 small rivers in Tongli that had separated the town into 7 small islands, and that there were 49 ancient bridges between the island and the island. Sitting in the boat, watching the house built along the river bridge, bridge, water under the bridge, water is the sigh of every aspect, connected with the river, the town of Tongli is staggered, of the soul. Every river with moist soft sunrise, accompanied by sunset, day and night silently flowing. The water reflected is the children filled with joy smile, sweet river; tell the lilac girl's mind, want to break the strike also; the accumulation of the past is the old wrinkles, the vicissitudes of life, but in the end be quiet. Time like water, Tongli is because of the River Road, life could be so sweet, Enron; Tongli is because of the way the river, can stay away from the hustle and bustle.

The boat forward, face far designated vessel, but not a passenger ship, but a fishing boat, the ship stood on both sides of the few osprey, very cute, like soldiers on standby at any time to wait for the boatman. The rain seems more Huan, the cool wind through wupengchuan felt some coolness. Suddenly want to drink a cup of warm tea, so please choose a teahouse for us. The boat was quickly stopped at a teahouse side of the river, the simple facade along placed a few pieces of plain tea table, a large umbrella can shade and shelter. Particularly happy that tablecloth, batik - specific blue pattern, adding a more quiet feeling. The boss Wunong whispers, soft sweet introduced us to the afternoon tea varieties, soon a pot of "Chinese tea" on the table and took a sip of a fine, fragrant Pumianerlai, fragrance and warm, immediately drive away the rain brought coolness, is very comfortable. Two tea immediately, a plate of a plate of rice cakes. The cake was thin and crisp, bite, chewy cake; soft and waxy, eating a piece of sweet and not greasy. The rhythm of the rain xixilili finally slow down, we talked while drinking, enjoying the town unique slow life.

When night falls, the lantern shop off the ancient town tiny spots. I have heard the boatman introduced Tongli dishes, we follow the smell of a road to a small attic hall, decided to gobble down a good taste of this truly delicious Jiangnan land of fish and rice. Fish, shrimp, whitebait, white fish in Taihu and so on, a lot of delicious plus Tongli aquatic plant wild rice, celery, Brasenia, Gorgon and other really make us eat. The light and fresh taste is very suitable for the guests who have been tired of the day. The hospitality of the store after active in a pot of tea, they want as soon as possible is not the kind of turn table's urging, but invited us to stay for rest, talk about their experience in Tongli, we moved a field.

"Every household water, boat, simple and beautiful, gentle and peaceful and harmonious Tongli. Far from the "dream water": "the warm afternoon, flashed a piece of pink clothes, who also can not go the old fan window, on the shore waiting for a lifetime of exquisite young......" to remember the ancient bridge, alley, street, teahouse, store, life in Tongli is so with, sincere, fresh and warm.