2017-12-26 16:08:41 hw 3

Time has gone by, and my 16 year student life has been drawn up. I'm honored to be able to work in the thirteen Bureau in China. The entry for several days, I realized that all the rapport between the working time, one of the one or two is two; after work, leadership and subordinates can mingle, laughing. I had just arrived, leaders and colleagues to my guidance and care, let me feel the warmth of home.

Back home, I lay in bed for a nap, close my eyes and think back. A green hand yourself like a white paper, a lot of things in practice need to continue to explore and discover. Although miss university time, free, do your homework can be light of heart from care, about a few friends to go out to play, but now I have a staff of thirteen Urban Construction Bureau, must cherish the work, seize the time to adapt to the new environment, to learn from leaders and colleagues with an open mind, and constantly improve the work ability.

Mencius said: "days will be down to the great man also, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so the spirit, not gain it." Since ancient times, the hero is always created by constantly honed, a young people tend to only see the successful glamorous, but I do not know other people on the road to success frustrated many times I have fallen. Road, step by step, work, work, a bit by a little cast.

Remember there is a department director and dinner, chatting to the company's development process, although only a few words, but let me in awe. The factors of human beings in this world are decisive. With the development of the company today, it is very important for a good leader to take the helm. The success of an enterprise needs not only opportunities, but also the courage and ability of the helmsman to overcome difficulties. This is the mark of my hard work.

Opportunity, ability and attitude are three indispensable. In the final analysis, the most important thing is the attitude, because the attitude determines the fate. For me, to do a person, don't talk to create much value. For the company, but should first calm your new workplace impetuous heart, do a good job, a step forward.

I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea。

I believe that, in the thirteen Urban Construction Bureau under the leadership of the leadership, in the joint efforts of all staff, working hard, hard work, must pull together in times of trouble, can draw a satisfactory blueprint.

As a new employee in the company office, I am very clear about the comprehensiveness of the work before entering the office. I need to enter the role as soon as possible and familiarity with all matters and departments, so as to keep pace with the development of enterprises. The company is a ship in the city construction, ride the wind and waves in the sea, go ahead. I believe that I have confidence and determination to do a good job, not afraid of suffering, dare to bear, and strive for the development of the company.