It's a year of spring.

2017-12-26 16:09:35 hw 4

The way spring is coming is always surprising. For a moment, "moisten the things and silent", let the branches run quietly green new buds, quiet and quiet, like a lady to show her extreme elegance. The "Ladies" style after the spring decided to show a new attitude to with vigour and vitality by using a method called "direct quenching heat", also let yesterday cloudy cold do not bite to shrink from the neck to avoid the small strides as soon as possible to people warm indoor, today morning came to a sunny outdoor. With the temperature soared, dashed from the warm twenty degrees, people refer to "spring is coming"!

Spring comes to the scent of fragrance! The smell of spring is really a great event in the sense of smell. The scent of the flower from not to mention, only the spring rain under the earth, can also have a fragrance, will not bring the warmth of gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, feeling, that is the winter frost cold repressed the earth, finally get rid of the hard cold, with spring rain tenderness. The wind is not the "sharp knife" that is described by people, but the softness of the most beloved's hands on your cheeks. The clothes are also filled with the taste of spring. After a fine analysis of the nose, it is sure that it is the fragrance of the sun in spring. The winter sun is short and pale in the face, will not leave a deep warmth to people, and in the spring sunshine is abundant, full of passion, and she is willing to let people enjoy her beautiful clothes, give us leave can fully absorb the warmth of her time.

The news in the ear is always inseparable from the reports of the spring scenery, where the flowers are open, a piece of vitality! So people call to the left and invite friends to enjoy the flowers to open. Even if there are more people than flowers, but everyone is happy, the picture is this lively, that is the cage birds enjoy free air of the frest. Circle of friends just like showing a colorful beautiful picture, let a person see the wild with joy, a winged heart and enjoy the winter finally get rid of the shackles of the dripping hearty, to accumulate the winter warm spring bloom in this festive. Pink cherry blossoms, yellow rape flowers, red flowers of magnolia tree, a tree, a buttress, clusters of plum flowers, dizzying.

With the arrival of spring, people are subtle, with a smile, eyes closed, upturned face, facing the sun, smell the flowers, quietly in the heart of the arrival of the Xin Xi Chun; happy children is the hoopla, they shouted and ran, chasing dragonflies, butterflies, will these favorite insects with the kite flying in the sky form, let a little dream in the heart with a kite flying in the sky. The children are busy coming to the side of the pond, looking for the shadow of the tadpoles, and saying it is to help these little tails look for their mother. Grass, clear water castle, the children linger in this beautiful world.

A high-profile outdoor indoor contests, still quiet, quiet and Spring is waning. Home potted twig leaves is so sensitive, out of the soil of the sunray a then a, curled leaves slowly stretched, twisted leaves whispering, passing each other with the arrival of spring news.

Look at the house full of spring bud, especially the ginseng greets another green, light green, green, dark green, dark green...... I naturally think of a word -- youth -- the most beautiful in everyone's life. We must admire the wisdom of our ancestors. This word has been created so perfectly and vividly and vividly. "Yinianzhiji is the spring", so "spring" to describe the most precious time, and "green" of the word, not only represents the colors are more focused, and Qingyunwanli, foliage, green mountains and rivers, Lvsuoqingli Yin Cui Qing laugh...... The vividly depicted of the spring is the most profound time of one's life.

Flowers and flowers in the community, the winter of the past, all kinds of flowers are open. The same trees with trees on both sides of the path go every day, a tree are open every flower, although I do not know her name, but she is very love. The green leaf background with white flowers, elegant flowers are wrapped in a red flower, round, luxuriant, flowering particularly long, can accompany us from early spring until autumn. Every day, every day, over and over in this colorful path, my heart is also very satisfied...