Selection of papaya

2017-12-26 16:09:54 hw 6

Lin Qingxuan encounters a long ditch in the market, rely on a little bit of mud at the bottom of ditch life papaya seedlings, the seedlings transplanted to the papaya sympathy, on the top floor of the garden, sunny corner, nurtured from the Yangminshan organic soil. Unexpectedly, the papaya tree was not expected to grow well, but was dejected by the day, and after two weeks, it was finally completely withered. Lin Qingxuan felt very disappointed, why would the sludge in papaya seedlings was born, to live in a beautiful garden? Does the beautiful sunshine, soft soil, and clarified drinking water become the load of life when the foul becomes the habit of life?

This tree of papaya seedlings, popularly called "born bad", they stay in the dirty grievances to the ditch, with the sun and the moon passing of night has been given, cowardice and despair it eyes, decadent psychological feel no good comes, chose to give up. Life like this papaya tree are not rare, after all, life is full of nine in ten, the objective conditions do not meet the eye everywhere. There is a silver spoon, there were just born people were abandoned; there is the brainchild of carefree life, there was gray people run everywhere...... But the fact that not all people are in a negative situation will live more and more bad, on the contrary, reversal of the There are plenty of people who. From my dull point of view, the positive and negative power of the body determines the direction of the development of things.

From small to large, we have learned a number of vocabulary, on the one hand, to master "good, strong, hard, grateful, trust, advance..." These words, full of positive energy, are also known as "complaint, suspicion, jealousy, vanity, depression, laziness..." These unpleasant words, learning to use, how each person chooses and use it in their own life practice, is entirely dependent on the heart of each person. Bill Gate said, "the choice of life decides everything."

I believe that the two days of the Rio Paralympic Games are a very perfect interpretation of the above views. The heroes and heroines in the Paralympic arena, they use their own strength and efforts to fight directly against our hearts through the screen. No matter what country they come from, whether they did not get the medal, they presented to us positive energy, an avalanche coming to us.

Life inevitably stand, and we need to have the positive energy of those, because has the positive energy of the people, must have great wisdom. Have positive energy tell the world of black and white black, disdain for self-interest reversed thing, do not follow the crowd, but will not run on the road of life. Those who have positive energy will give them the warmest comforts when their friends need them. They will give the most pertinent advice when friends ask for advice, and they will give the most sincere congratulations on their achievements. Having positive energy has a firm belief, a definite goal in life, a right way, and a continuous struggle for it. Those who have positive energy will warn us, "to pay is positive, to get positive; to pay for dark, to get dark."

With the positive energy of the day is sunny day is abundant, the rainbow is the day after the storm, after travel over land and water on the top of the mountain mountains small day. Even if life is bittersweet, but optimistic about life, and of their self-confidence, would like to set up a firewall for life, the negative energy will not easily be hacked. Even if difficulties are coming, they will be orderly and orderly. They will hide and extend their openness and tolerance to life.

The positive energy is not very high for us in life. Walk in the forest leisure time to smell the flowers, listen to the birds; join sports in the sports field, perspiration comes down like raindrops; tired, a cup of tea, a movie; work carefully, abundant, with a positive attitude to complete their work; after work, with a relaxed and happy mood of family and friends. No need to take, natural release, but also to bring happiness to others, the energy comes from the inner cleanliness. Of course, when people come with negative energy, we need not blame, as Lin Qingxuan said: "there is no longer a spotless not dust, but dust let it fly, I do my sunshine".

A person's heart needs positive energy, and as small as a team, a country, and even the whole earth, it also needs positive energy. Sincere concern for others, mutual tolerance and humility, to eliminate indifference and selfishness, so that they can fill their heart with positive energy, keep their hearts warm, and warm others with their own abilities. A bold to open expanse in the Gobi desert wildflowers, a stream flowing in the deep mountains and forests in the gurgling streams, a sincere warm and clear eyes, is a force to be reckoned with, because we do not know what time to own a stick can become others hope and strength to carry on.

Buddhists say, one incarnation of earth, is unpredictable fate, so we need to know how to cherish education. We work hard at the same time, also want to know "the meaning of the event, our life can not reach the ultimate dream, we can not keep on looking at the blue sky, sunshine and flowers? Today, he borrowed the story of master Lin Qingxuan and moved his headlines to settle his heart at the time of the Mid Autumn Festival. Autumn has come, and it is also a time for the acceptance of the results. Our life is like a fruit tree, is accustomed to the dark and dirty and give up or choose to let the tree with luxuriant foliage, fruit show inner happiness in the harvest season, depends entirely on their own.